Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 1 - The Kobold Problem

The Players:

Jason (Quinn)
Courtney (Arken)
Necati (Sokuyo)
Michael (Nobby)
DM: Tylor Austad
Level: 1

Our campaign began in the small coastal town of Angrecca. The small town in the region of Daemar, responsible for almost all of the incoming boat shipments for the region, is tucked away between two large bluffs pinning the town to the coastline, giving it a great defensive position. It is southwest of one of the largest cities in th current state of the world, Vandromar.

Arken, the Dwarven Cleric, and Quinn, the Human Swordmage, arrived by a ship the day before the group met up. The ship had left Everfey, in the region of Feliwyth, some ten days before. They responded to a herald messenger sent to the local tavern that the mayor needed help with a dangerous job and was paying well. Nobby, a Halfling Rogue, had spent about a week in Angrecca after leaving Vandromar. He found a posting for help needed and responded early the next morning. Sokuyo, the Human Monk, had been traveling in the forests near Angrecca and late in the previous night had come across one of Angrecca’s nightly caravans being ambushed and raided by dark figures. He saved the life of one soldier, and found several others dead. After being given free room and board at Angrecca’s inn, he was summoned early in the morning by the mayor.

The group met at the town hall, where they first made their introductions. They had some light conversation with a few of the locals, and a cloaked traveler who were also present. Mayor Reckland soon met with them and explained the dire situation.

The town’s caravans, their shipments to Vandromar, were being attacked. The attacks were by a group of Kobold and started about a week previous. These shipments were their livelihood and the Mayor offered to pay them well if they would clear out the mine that the Kobold lived in, some five miles southwest of the town’s gates. They got a lead from the Mayor about one Bhenn Lennock, in charge of port operations for the town, who had returned wounded but alive two nights ago after one of the attacks.

The group made their way to Bhenn’s cabin after some direction from a dockhand. Bhenn was an elderly man, quite wounded. They found out the Kobold seemed to be looking for something and were acting quite hostile. They picked up that Bhenn had gone with the caravan two nights ago because he had some special interest in the cargo. After some persuasion, Nobby was able to find out that Bhenn had received a magical orb from his brother, and was commissioned by a man named Belkas in Vandromar to have the Orb delivered, and let no one else know. He told the group if they were able to clear the cave, he may have a job for them delivering the Orb.

The group traveled several miles to the attack site, and then followed Kobold tracks about a mile off the road to a small grove of trees at the base of a cliff. The first fight ensued, with the group learning the tactics of one another. In a surprising, and heroic martial move, Sokuyo was able to instantly kill two of the strongest kobold that had been gathered around the fire. After some more heroic encounters between the trees, and a few missed swings of Nobby’s dagger, the group killed the remaining Kobold and entered the nearby cave.

Nobby snuck ahead and found a room filled with stolen cargo, and a spilled barrel of oil on the cave floor. The group ambushed the two kobold attempting to clean up the mess. Nobby jumped from the shadows driving his blade through the chest of one of the kobold. During the battle, the group avoided lighting the spilled oil. They were unexpectedly attacked by a stirge who was living in the cave room. It attached itself to Nobby’s neck. Two fire beetles who were behind some crates rushed out and blasted the group with flame. Quinn and Sokuyo came to Nobby’s rescue, killing the beetles and the stirge while Arken remained at a distance blasting divine light.

After a short rest, the group discovered some magical items in the crates, A Cloak of Resistance, and an Ironskin Belt that Arken recognized as crafted by some of the best Garadun armorsmiths. Nobby tried opening the large iron door at the far side of the room that had a handle in the shape of a ferocious dragon. The iron door was locked.

Gold Pieces: 105
Silver Pieces: 53

XP: 312 each

Good First Roleplaying: 100 XP

Finding Bhenn Lennock: 25 XP

Learning about Magical Orb: 50 XP

Defeating Kobold outside of cave: 550 XP

Sneaking up on Kobold near oil spill: 25 XP

Killing Kobold, Stirge, and Fire Beetles: 500 XP

TOTAL: 1250 XP



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