Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 10 - At the Well of Melora


Michael (Nobby)
Trevor (Trel)
Jason (Quinn)
Necati (Sokuyo)
Courtney (Arken)
Tylor: DM
Level: 4
Krisatra Arroway had much to tell about the missing 27 years of her life, and why she wasn’t truly dead as Quinn had expected.  27 years ago there was an explosion at Krisatra’s residence.  That was the day Quinn thought he lost his mother, and he and his father left their ruined house and lived in the forest.  In all actuality Krisatra had staged the explosion as a cover up.  Several months previous she had been contacted by agents of Tharizdun.  They, in their insane state, had been sent as emissaries of their deity to recruit Krisatra for her expertise in the Arcane arts.  They wanted her to assist them in protecting ancient artifacts, known as The Six Hearts of Tharizdun.  She clearly refused, but when they began threatening the life of her family she knew she had to do something.  Knowing her family would only be safe if the agents thought she was deceased, she staged her own death, and even let her family believe she was gone for good.
She remained in hiding and headed straight for Talthuathin in the Feliwyth region.  A portion of every year Talthuathin fades into the Feywild.  When this occurred she spent the next 20 or so years traveling from enclave to enclave in the Feywild.  She was secretly searching and researching for answers about Tharizdun and the legend of the six hearts.  About ten years into her travels she was walking through town late at night when she was knocked out from an attack.  She had a horrific night where she was womanized and raped, and then left for dead.  A group of traveling elves found her in the forest and nursed her back to health.  In the coming months she converted to following Corellon, and gained a great sanctity for life.  The elves became her dear friends.
However, she soon found she was with child.  Horrified by this news, she struggled with what to do with the child.  It was very difficult for her to make a decision knowing she was carrying this man’s son, but with a strong belief in the sanctity of life.  The elves vowed to help her in whatever way she chose.  When the time came they took her to a pool in the forests and delivered the child.  She couldn’t bring herself to look at him however, and had the elves take him away.  Krisatra looked at Trel and apologized greatly, for he was the child she had abandoned so many years ago.
Trel stormed out of the hut, and Quinn sought after him.
The rest of the group questioned Krisatra about her knowledge of the area, and the legend of the six hearts.
“I do not believe the Anagotti desecrated the well of Melora.  I believe it was the Blackscales.  The Blackscales are worshippers of Tharizdun and that is what led me to the swamps in the first place.  They are feral, merciless, and insane.  They believe any artifact of any deity other than Tharizdun is a source of power in the mortal realm that is binding their deity to his prison.  So they desecrated the well.  They are also after something known as The Corrupted Stone.  I am pretty sure they want to destroy the stone as well, believing it is another artifact that is holding Tharizdun back.  We must find it first.  I think I’ve found where it is held…inside an ancient Ziggurat.  But please, first help the Anagotti and Koy’luka resolve their differences.”
When asked about Ilario Rostvani, she said she didn’t know of him, but that there were a group of humans that had been with the Anagotti.
The next morning the group met with Chieftain Gazzok to discuss their plans to help.  They told him they wanted to approach the Anagotti peacefully.  Zwamakwi offered to take the group to the fallen temple of Melora in search of the shard, if they would first assist at the well.  They arrived at the well late in the day and found a few patrolling Koy’luka lizardfolk.  The square stone well was in the middle of a small hill, walled on the south by a cliff face.  The north, east, and west were surrounded by thick jungle growth and immediately around the well were fallen pillars and monuments. The water of the well had been morphed into an awful sludge of black, bubbling, magma-like substance.  It reeked.
 Nobby set out to the east to keep watch, believing an attack from the Anagotti would come from that direction.  Sokuyo took to the cliff to the south, and the others patrolled freely.
Nothing happened the remainder of the day, but deep into the night Nobby spotted dark, large figures coming through the brush.  Sokuyo heard a sound behind him and attempted to hide, only to run into the spear of massive Blackscales.  The Blackscales were surrounding the well.  It was peculiar, because Sokuyo conversed with one lizardfolk, who seemed to be leading them, but his scales were pale and green, and he fled when the fight broke out.  Blackscale darters ran to the cliff edge to try to snipe the group, but Sokuyo called out and warned them.  Immediately Nobby attacked the group he had been tracking on the north side, causing blood to drip into their eyes, and then brutally shredding the shoulder of one with his crossbow.  When they tried to turn and face him, he was a phantom in the night, disappearing in the brush.  Terrified, they ran towards the well.
Sokuyo ran towards the cliff edge, the giant bruisers on his tail, and he jumped down to land near the fire.  Zwamakwi, Arken, and Trel took up defensive positions around the well to keep any of the Blackscales from getting to it.  The blinded bruiser came bounding out of the north side of the jungle and swung and Trel twice, almost knocking him into the dark sludge, but he used his psychic powers to pull him back to safety.
Nobby came bounding out of the jungle and attacked from a flanking position.  The bruisers from the south cliff jumped off the ledge, and crushed a tent upon their massive landing and Sokuyo began battling them hand to hand.  Trel yanked a darter off the cliff edge.  Arken was searing divine light all over his foes, columns of Pelor’s radiance blasting down from the skies.  Zwamakwi and Arken surrounded the fallen darter, and Arken crushed his skull with a hammer.  Zwamakwi rushed to protect the well from the bruisers but was brutally knocked out by a hammer swing; his trident falling into Melora’s well and disintegrating.  Trel quickly responded and levitated Zwamakwi’s body out of reach of the attackers, while Arken healed him.  Sokuyo threw one of the bruisers into the sludge and he was consumed by the defiled muck.
Suddenly, out of the eastern jungle came another bruiser carrying an Anagotti egg layer that he was attempting to throw into the well.  The heroes responded quickly.  Sokuyo flew into the path of the Blackscale bruiser, and Trel blasted him off his balance.  Nobby dodge through multiple attacks, heroically charging across the battle field.  He pulled his dislocation dagger, climbed the Blackscales back, and made a tiny scratch on the unconscious egg layer, teleporting her to just behind Quinn, on the far side of the well.  A Blackscale with a spear was just about the brutally attack Sokuyo when Quinn teleported him behind his ally and the spear penetrated the bruisers thick scales.  It was not long before the battle was ended, killing the remaining foes.  Another bruiser was even thrown into the demonizing muck.
When the battle settled down the group revived the Anagotti egg layer.  She was terrified, and confused on how she got their.  Seeing Zwamakwi she called out for help, but he seemed wary and ferocious towards her.  She revealed that she had been kidnapped by the Blackscales weeks ago along with some other egg layers.  The Anagotti believed it was the Koy’luka so they attacked them, and this tribal war was started.  It had all been a misunderstanding.  She agreed to show them where the Blackscale camp was, and to take them to the Anagotti camp to try and make peace.  Zwamakwi left the group to return to camp and inform his Chief.
Immediately the group set out in the early morning to the Anagotti camp.  Before they knew it they were there in the much disguised camp.  The Anagotti were much more stealthy and good and blending into their environment.  They met Chief Rugath and told all about the misunderstanding.  It took some persuasion but they convinced him to meet with Chief Gazzok at Melora’s well and call a peace treaty.  The next morning the group returned to the Koy’luka and persuaded Chieftain Gazzok to meet.  At the well it took some political discussion, but eventually the two tribes came to a parlay, and even joined forces to help the heroes defeat the Blackscales.  The tribes were to distract the Blackscale camp while the heroes infiltrated the fallen Meloran temple to retrieve the Shard of Melora that will be used to purify the well.
The session ended with the third and final Vignette of the King of the Slaughter:
The truth about the Corrupted Stone

XP Each: 505
-Assisting Zwamakwi against Blackscales at Melora’s Well: 1,750 XP
-Saving Anagotti egg layer: 75 XP
-Uncovering true corruption of well: 200 XP
-Locating Anagotti and arranging meeting with Koy’luka: 200 XP
-Strategy to have Koy’luka and Anagotti distract Blackscales: 200 XP
-Vignette: 100 XP
Total XP: 2,525 XP




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