Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 11 - Into the Belly of the... um... er temple


  • Michael (Nobby)
  • Trevor (Trel)
  • Jason (Quinn)
  • Necati (Sokuyo)
  • Courtney (Arken)
  • Tylor (DM)
  • Level 5

Having triumphantly reunited the two Lizard folk tribes (the Anagotti and the Koy’luka) and discussed a plan of action (see the previous log) the group sets out with Zwamakwi to locate the Shard of Melora, hidden within the Temple of Melora. As the group gathers together their belongings and boards a small boat Krisatra emerges from the crowd to see them off. She directs herself particularly toward Quinn and Trel as she hands a number of flasks to them. She instructs the group the flasks contain a potion to increase their defense for a full day after it is consumed. The boat pushes off. Quinn turns to see his mother’s visage slowly drift away. He’s able to make out on her lips what he believes to be the words “Be safe my sons.”

Zwamaki takes them to an area with nothing which resembles a temple at all. Before them is a large cliff with what appears to be a whirlpool near the edge. Zwamakwi hops out of the boat and tells the group before them is the Temple of Melora. He turns and swims away leaving the group to decide on a course of action. Trying their best to locate some way into the temple while also paddling to stay away from the whirlpool the group is unable to successfully find any way into the tunnel. Climbing the cliff face would require equipment that isn’t available to all. After some debate the group elects Nobby to swim into the whirlpool and return to tell the rest what he discovers. All the adventurers pull a length of rope from their packs and Nobby securely ties them together. He then dives into the water.

As soon as Nobby reaches the whirlpool he is immediately pulled under the water toward the center of the whirlpool. He takes a few bumps and bruises as he swims with the current into a dark hole. After a few seconds Nobby feels weightless and hears the crash of water below him. He opens his eyes to quickly look around before plunging back into the pool of water below. He notices an opening high up into the ceiling with rays of sunlight coming through. Nobby also notices Blackscale lizardfolk around the pool of water below. Unfortunately his plunge into the pool isn’t as stealthy as he would have liked. He hears the sounds spears entering the water around him. Hoping to evade the Blackscales he continues to swim further down where another hole is located. He swims a little way before the tunnel narrows too much for even the small halfling to continue. He also feels the rope around his waist grow taut and starts ascending. At the same time outside the temple, the rest of the adventurers feel the rope go slack. Sokuyo notices first and gracefully dives head first into the water, “I’m going to help Nobby!”.

Nobby, continues to be hoisted up out of the pool as he draws two shuriken. The last pull sends him flying out of the water toward the shore. Right as his head and arms clear the water Nobby takes careful aim and launches his shuriken at the two lizardfolk holding the rope. Both Blackscales are wounded just above the eyes. Blood quickly oozes from the wounds temporarily blinding them and they drop the rope leaving Nobby in the water. He readies another shuriken and launches at the next nearest target. He then bounds out of the water drawing his daggers ready for the fight. Other Blackscales close in on him as Darters shoot poison tipped darts in his direction. Just as a dart hits Nobby in the neck Sokuyo falls from the wall. He’s able to regain his balance mid-air and uses the waterfall and his momentum to sail toward Nobby’s assistance. Back in the boat Trel addresses his two remaining comrades in arms, “You may want to look away for this.” as he unsummons his armor in an attempt to keep it clean and dry. He jumps into the whirlpool leaving Quinn and Arken to decide upon their actions.

Sokuyo quickly dispatches the two Blackscales who are searching for their spears after letting go of Nobby. He turns only to be pin cushioned with Darter darts and feels the poison making its way through his veins. Nobby goes toe to toe with another large Blackscale. He is able to gain the advantage and attempts to knock the lizardfolk into the pool of water. However, it is able to recover before falling into the pool but looses its footing on the slick surface and drops to the ground.

Trel lands in the pool of water and quickly summons his armor back only to have a lizardfolk corpse land near him and color his robes pink with blood. Cursing and muttering he enters the attack targeting the nearest darter and launches a fury of psonic attacks against his reptilian foe. Quinn and Arken continue to argue over the next course of action. Arken looks for some tree or rock to anchor the boat and rope hoping to follow it down instead of swimming, “We Dwarves ar’nt so gaud with swimming, nor water for that matter, but yer welcome to it. Water looks great.” He grins. Not knowing what has befallen his friends Quinn jumps into the water following the same path as his companions.

Inside the temple Nobby charges a Darter on the other side of the room taking a bloody and deep slash across his arm from the prone Blackscale rendering his arm useless. It also trips him up and he skids to a stop, face on the floor, before the Darter he charged. The Darter looses his club from his belt and smashes Nobby’s head. Trel attempts to climb out of the water, only to meet a similar club and is knocked back into the pool. Quinn lands in the water and attempts to surface but is forced back down into the water by a Blackscale corpse that slid into the water. Pushing it aside another lands on top of him. Thinking quickly he moves over to the two corpses and attempts to push himself out of the water using them as a spring board. Unfortunately as he pushes with his legs the Blackscales only sink faster into the depths of the pool. His head slightly above water he notices a Darter nearby and draws his sword and points it at the Darter. The Darter’s blowgun and club glow a faint red just before Lightning encircles the Darter severing the reptile at the waist. Again, the corpse falls on Quinn.

Nobby stands and takes another dart, this time in his chest, from a different location in the room. He collapses beside the wall and catches himself. Trel climbs out of the pool of water and corners a couple of Darters with Sokuyo. The Darters attempt to run from the adventurers hoping to shoot them with more darts. Both Sokuyo and Trel attack the fleeing Darters as Quinn unhappily climbs out of the water attempting to save any remaining pride he have. “Who keeps dumping these bloody corpses on me?!” He looks around at the battle scene, “Oh. Never mind.” He continues toward Trel and Sokuyo giving no heed to a small volley of darts which are easily deflected by his magical wards.

Nobby is able to shout to the others as a Darter makes for a door. Sokuyo runs toward the pool and waterfall. He leaps through the waterfall, water exploding and raining down as he lands in a crouch and slowly straightens, scaring the remaining Blackscales. Nobby lets a knife fly at the Darter who last shot him, moderately wounding it. Trel and Quinn cautiously make their way around the pool careful to avoid any large pools of water on the shore.

Arken Whitestone IV enters from the wall at the top of the waterfall clinging to the rope and starts to swing muttering about dwarves and water and how rusted his chain mail will become. Sokuyo pummels the scared Darter which moments before had opened the door. It sinks to the ground under the onslaught of fists. Quinn and Trel attack the last remaining Darter as Arken leaps from the rope, but with poor timing and slams into the wall, sliding to the floor. He’s able regain himself and seeing Nobby in need of assistance invokes Pelor’s grace to aid his friend.

The battle over the group searches for anything useful and finds two troves of gold and also some bracers which looked to aid Quinn. Nobby scouts ahead finding a camp of large hairy creatures, a door with Melora on it, and another room full of crystals which are being mined by the same creatures he found in the other room.

The group decides to go for the room with the crystals. Nobby hopes they’re worth something. Quinn, somewhat bored of the constant lure of coin from the halfling tells him the crystals will steal his gold. Nobby looks somewhat skeptical at the swordmage.Trel quickly hurries along with the group after trying unsuccessfully to remove the blood stains from his robes. The room before the group is shaped similar to a three quarter circle. The ceiling is very high up. A river runs the course of the room. A small path leads up toward what looks like another entrance into the room. The ground and walls are littered with small outcroppings of crystals which glow a faint blue. As the group enters the room Nobby steps on one of the crystals which immediately explodes sending him flying over the river and onto the other bank, a few small coins clank on the ground. Quinn pipes up, “Told you it would steal your gold!” Nobby glares as the rest of the group snickers.

The humanoid wolf looking creatures immediately turn and charge the group, one of the adventures recognizes these creatures as a type of gnoll. Nobby picks himself up and makes for the highest ground he can see, in the middle of the path leading toward the other entrance. A hunter knocks an arrow and lets fly toward Nobby. His actions, though swift, expose him to the rogue’s superior view and his arrow flies wide. Seconds later Trel focuses his energies at one of the larger groups of crystals and attempts to shatter them. One towards the edge explodes unleashing a chain of explosions deafening the room as the sounds of explosions echo off the walls. The gnolls mining near the crystals are thrown back, some landing in the river and one near the hunter. Amidst the echos of explosions the rest of the group make their way toward their foes, careful to sidestep any crystals. Arken pulls his sling and launches a rock at one of the crystals, igniting it and flinging one other gnoll into the river. Quinn makes his way to Sokuyo and Trel’s side invoking the newfound power of his bracers, aiding his friends by magically bolstering their defenses. Gnolls still on their feet charge Sokuyo, Quinn and Trel clawing at them savagely. One of the crystals erupts sending the trio flying. Trel lands in the river. Sokuyo lands on another crystal crushing it which further pitches him back. Quinn is knocked back then forward between the two blasts landing facing the gnolls.

The gnoll which landed near the hunter picks itself up and runs toward Nobby. Nobby throws a shuriken over the gnoll not wanting to pass up the opportunity the hunter gave him by exposing himself with his earlier attack. The shuriken lands right in the hunter’s neck severing a major artery. The hunter staggers back from the blow and catches himself against the wall clutching its neck. Quinn’s spellscar glows a bright red, visible even beneath his gloves bolstering his attacks. At the same moment he activates a sigil on his sword affecting all of the nearby gnolls. Their claws and fangs glow a soft red and they turn all their attention to Quinn. Sokuyo rushes to aid Quinn and pounds the nearest gnoll mercilessly with kicks, punches and elbow blows.

One of the other gnolls still in the river sees an opening in the slightly dazed Trel and rushes in to attack. Trel’s mistimed sidestep fails to avoid the claws of the gnoll as they sink deep into his flesh. Arken stows his sling and invokes Pelor’s wrath on the gnoll attacking Trel searing it’s flesh. Trel finishes off the gnoll with a force punch. The hunter makes his way around the river, keeping to the shore as blood continues to ooze from his neck wound. He knocks another arrow and looses it at Sokuyo, which again flies wide. Nobby battles the gnoll closest to him with daggers and shurikens, pushing his foe back and creating an opening.

Quinn, surrounded by gnolls bent on his demise successfully parries one attack and uses a quick shielding spell to lighten the blow of another of the gnolls’ claws, however, he eventually succumbs to the onslaught of both claws and fangs and falls to the ground unconscious. Sokuyo attempts to help Quinn, but is to late, instead he attacks the gnolls hoping to draw them away from Quinn. Arken watches in horror as his friends are being torn apart and notices Quinn drop. He calls upon Pelor to aid his friend. Divine light encircles Quinn binding up some of the more grievous wounds and restoring him to conciousness. Trel rushes up to also help as Quinn staggers to his feet. The book always at Trel’s side seems to float into the air on its own, forcefully expelling any water from its pages as it flips to a specific page. Trel reads a passage from the book attacking the minds of the gnolls. They tear at their faces trying to make the horrific images in their minds stop. Trel is overcome by the book and begins to foam at the mouth as acid pours from his lips.

Nobby runs over to the hunter, who is barely clinging to life and threatens the gnoll with death unless it surrenders. Barely maintaining consciousness, the gnoll acquiesces and falls to the ground. Quinn staggers up, hand on the wall to brace himself as he drives his blade toward one of the gnolls. He misses any vital spot, but is still able to damage the gnoll. In a ragged breath he whispers an elfish phrase and vanishes from the eyes of everyone. The gnolls unable to find their quarry seek the next closest targets: Sokuyo and Trel. Trel falls to his knees with the first clawed strike, then suffers a savage bite as he falls. Sokuyo battles with his new foe, each exchanging blows until the gnoll is shoved away from Sokuyo. Arken sees Trel on his knees and implores Pelor for help. To his astonishment and chagrin however, nothing happens! Seeing an easy kill one of the gnolls rushes toward Trel and attacks snarling and slashing. Much to it’s astonishment, it’s not Trel it attacked but another gnoll! Claws and teeth sink deep instantly killing it’s fellow gnoll. Quinn, invisible to all, smiles viciously as the gnoll drops to the ground Nobby runs to the aid of his friends as the hunter, seeing an opportunity to escape starts to crawl toward the start of the river. Trel stands back up and using all of the concentration he has at the moment directs a force punch at a nearby gnoll, the one who was just battling with Sokuyo.

Still unseen to everyone Quinn digs deep into his being and is able to stabilize himself and ease the flow of blood. He confidently strides toward the gnoll slashing it from shoulder to hip, leaving traces of arcane energy in the wound he is whisked away towards Trel and reappears. Arken attempts again to aid Trel with Pelor’s healing light. A little unsure of himself he prays. Trel is washed over with Pelor’s light and is able to continue fighting. Sokuyo battles the gnoll pushing it away towards the rest of the group, the gnoll stagers as the arcane energy from the sword wound jolts it with a clap of thunder. The gnoll, faced with majority of the group decides better against fighting and flees toward the opening up the path. Nobby confidently strides up to the gnoll and threats it into surrendering. The gnoll fears for its life and cowers next to the wall. Trel, with renewed strength stands up to face the remaining gnoll, again force punching it in the chest. Quinn sidesteps the gnoll and attacks from behind quickly slashing twice at its back one from the left shoulder down, the other from the right shoulder down, again leaving arcane energy in the wounds. He then teleports behind Trel and challenges the gnoll to attack. Arken points his finger at the gnoll and pauses, then light encompasses the gnoll burning its flesh. The hunter makes his last crawl toward safety as the final bits of life flow from its neck and it falls into it’s own puddle of gore with a sickening splash.

Having won a hard battle the group surrounds the gnoll in the river seeking answers. The gnoll tells them little, clearly defiant even to the end. Trel tires of the conversation and snaps its neck with a small gesture before Nobby can finish speaking with it. Nobby then turns his attention to the remaining gnoll and is able to discover more information about the mining efforts, and also a site where a strange artifact has been uncovered. He convinces the gnoll to give them safe passage through the camp to the dig site.



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