Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 17 - Sensual Notions of a Broken Mind


Courtney: (Arken)
Tylor: (Saressa Falloth)
Necati: (Sokuyo)
Michael: (Nobby)
Trevor: (Trel)
Jason: (DM)

            Death never seemed so close for The Shadow Slayers as the menacing smoke from the heart of Tharizdun filled the small chamber in the depths of the Ziggurat.  Trel exerted all his forces to bind a magical fabric of each of his comrades to the mortal realm, while Arken called upon his deity with amazing grace to hold the dark mists from swallowing them whole.  When the two were semi-confident they had done all they could, and just before their allies began choking on the mist, the four of them dove headlong into the mists of the heart.  A gut-wrenching sensation and the feeling as if their souls would be rent in twain, darkness soon came to their minds as well as their bodies…

Sensual Notions of a Broken Mind

Aydrekuth! It had been too long since I’d been pleased!  The guards promised me the table in my cell would be well used, and yet there I hanged…unsatisfied. Do they not understand what happens when I go too long?!  And then the sound of the guards coming, Mmm that was my chance…smile Saressa, and bend one leg.  But no! They were not interested today, instead they just hung two humans, a dwarf, and a Halfling around me.  The Halfling was hideous considering the thieves gear they removed from him I’m sure he is good with his hands.  The Dwarf’s beard would tickle, the robed man had handsome features, and the other man was not wearing much clothing at all.
It didn’t take long for them to begin to come around…my aroma has that effect on people.  The dwarf looked perplex to find himself here.  He immediately began to question me on his whereabouts, after he recovered from my revealing image.  I began playing my games with him, and he quickly deduced that I have been trapped in this prison for millennia.  The others began to come around.  The Halfling immediately began trying to escape his restraints.  To my surprise he did it rather quickly, even willing to inflict harm upon himself.  I knew he was good with his hands.
The half naked man seemed the most attracted to me so I turned my attention to him, rubbing my legs together.  It seemed to work, for when the Halfling began groping all over my body removing my necklace, which infuriated me, the half naked man came to my defense.  Oh I love when they plead for me.  He tried to convince his comrades to allow me to accompany them.  They had no idea that my chains of bondage were just for show, hoping any would take advantage of me.  I humored the Halfling longer as he lowered me to the ground and began unlocking his Dwarven friend.  But donning my necklace – the one article of clothing I choose to keep on at all times – infuriated me.  I came in tune with my soul-binding pact and mirrored my dark image next to the two.  In a few seconds I teleported out of my shackles and demanded from the Halfling that he return my prized possession, though he was now terrified for a time.  I’d let him calm down.
Their party began questioning me on their whereabouts and their lost friend.  It soon occurred to me that these were the ‘heroes’, the friends of the swordmage man I met many months ago.  Perhaps they would prove valuable in helping me destroy and escape the heart.  And perhaps if they saw me in action, they’d give me some action.  I do like the fact that there are four of them.  (My most has been 16.)  I told them of our location, trapped in the heart of Tharizdun that belonged to my lover Shammath.  They became hasty to escape and find their friend.
Suddenly there before us was an apparition.  And oh to feel my blood boil!  It was the right hand slave of Shammath, the coward Kalif!  Millennia ago he almost foiled my plans to escape the Dragonborn camp, and the grasps of Shammath.  He tried to expose my seductive efforts and reveal to Shammath that I was simply using him.  (But he was a satisfying use…reptilians are well endowed.)  He told us of all the trapped souls here.  That he was now a servant of The Raven Queen sent to attempt to free the trapped souls and return them to the land of the dead.  He gave the Dwarf a crystal.  He became infuriated when the Halfling and I tried to talk our way around his purposes, and departed in a hurry, dropping another sexy looking crystal. (Sexy because it reflected my image well.)
We recovered our gear from the table and the Halfling picked the lock.  The gooey sludge of the heart has become home for me, but it was odd to watch my new friends step in it.  I’ve learned to love the wetness between my feet.  I love wetness.  But as we passed through the doors there coming down the stairs were a dragonborn and tiefling guard.  They spotted us, and a quick scuffle in the corridors ensued.  They dropped the attractive half naked man several times and I teleported out of the way quickly, cursing both of them.  The dwarf slammed with his hammer forcefully and the Halfling was precise in his firing.  We penetrated the guards quickly…tee hee!
We traveled down the corridor and peaked inside another cell before passing it.  To their surprise their friend called Quinn was bound inside.  They immediately rushed in, forgetting that I have been the one who has spent the most time with him recently.  They freed him quickly.  I then sauntered in and attempted to rub up against him as I’ve been fantasizing about.  Then to my surprise he allowed it!  The heart truly does change a man. He said we must hurry and so we proceeded up the fleshy stairs.  We passed a few more empty cells when we could hear the squishing sound of footsteps proceeding from the next flight of stairs.  I quickly inserted (hehe) the group into the nearest empty cell and told them to watch closely and be ready at a moments notice.  I then climbed on the bars of the cell and opened my legs, and bore my chest.  Ah, it was the tiefling that had met me with friends a few nights ago! What a fortunate turn of events.  I called out to him, “Oh it’s about time you’ve come! Have you brought friends this time?”
He stuttered a little, clearly smitten at my sight, “Uh…no not this time.”
“Well why don’t you put down your weapon and come inside…there is only one weapon I need…” I led on.  He quickly entered my chamber and I kept him facing me.  When the time was right I looked deep into his eyes, “Well I brought friends.”
Most of the party knew what was to happen as they surrounded the tiefling and began striking him with their weapons.  Oddly enough the robed psionic man must have misunderstood as he dropped his robe!
“Oh…are we not really doing this?” I heard him mutter.  He looked good, but now was not the time. I teleported behind the men so that they could have their way with him…I was exposed after all (not that it bothered me.)  That seemed to upset some of them as the tiefling quickly scurried out of the cell and retrieved his weapon.  We all shuffled into the hall and quickly decimated the guard.  The dwarf made sure to activate the crystal Kalif had given us so that his soul was truly able to depart.
The next story of prisoners proved interesting.  Within one was a priest of Tharizdun, wearing a dark robe, and a vicious metal device pulling back his grotesque human face.  He was torturing a Deva woman.  The group made quick work of the Priest, and then attempted to help the Deva woman.  Even I came to her aid!  I held her throbbing……..body as she wept in my arms.  When I tried to console her by simply rubbing my hands ALL over her she became offended.  What a bitch!  I pounced on her and began clawing at her face before these men were able to trap her soul in the crystal.  Nobody denies Saressa when she wants something!
We proceeded further through the bloody hallways.  A small flight of stairs led to a foreboding room. The sound of Dragonborn and tiefling mingling together came from the doorway.  We had arrived at the barracks.  Fortunately I knew most of these men and what exactly got them…off.  We hatched another plan of seduction.  I proceeded into the room with my godly gifts bared and caught the attention of all of them.  Several guards were playing cards in the corner.  A tiefling and a few others were dining on a balcony, and more were in a corner at a table.  All the heads turned and it looked as if things were going our way when a wretched thing happened.
The so-called “Quinn” came into the room shouting, “The prisoners have escaped!” revealing my cover.  Turning around it was not Quinn at all, but a doppelganger.  How could we have been so deceived!  May the powers of my infernal pact, and the weapons of my new comrades work quickly towards survival that we may escape this wretched prison!
Saressa Falloth



  • Total: 1775
  • Each: 355
  • First encounter with the guards: 1100
  • Second encounter with a guard: 600
  • Acolyte Priest: 75




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