Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 18 - The Monk's Sacrifice


Tylor (Saressa)
Michael (Nobby)
Courtney (Arken)
Necati (Sokuyo)
Trevor (Trel)
Jason (DM)
            Time was of the essence now that the group’s plots were exposed by the treacherous doppelganger.  Men who would otherwise have been smitten by Saressa’s exposure, quickly jumped to arms at the alarm of their comrade.  Several rushed forward slashing their weapons at Saressa’s body.  The experience of The Shadow Slayers allowed them to not think twice as they quickly responded and jumped into action.  As blades slashed through Saressa’s flesh and she fell to the floor wounded, Sokuyo arrived by her side and began pummeling dragonborn and tiefling with powerful punches and kicks.  Nobby slunk into the shadows and made straight for the balcony where a tiefling woman stood, drawing a magical device and began raining down spells from above.  He stabbed a dragonborn in the back on his way, and headed up the stairs.
            Trel remained safely outside the doorway channeling his energies through the orb in his hand, and using his psionic powers to torment the minds of the dragonborn guards.  Arken rushed in wielding his hammer and began striking at the scales of the enemies around him.  Even their hardened hides were no match for the dwarven force behind his hammer swings.  Despite their differences, Arken realized the need for Saressa in a moment as this and he sent Pelor’s grace to attend to her wounds.  She rose from the ground in a demonic fury.  With fire in her eyes an explosion erupted around her, and those in the room who were cursed by her were consumed by shadow flame.  Her and the other tiefling woman from the balcony began firing curses at one another as Saressa weaved in and out of her new allies.  Saressa cursed her for her betrayal to her people, and rebounded one of the tiefling’s hexes.  Saressa then rushed beneath the balcony and incinerated the pillars holding it up, unaware that Nobby was hidden there as well.
            The balcony collapsed violently killing the tiefling woman and sending Nobby sliding down, but he quickly jumped over the rubble without being harmed.  A few of the remaining dragonborn upturned a table to take cover behind.  It didn’t take long before the others fell without the guidance of their leader.
            As the bodies hit the floor, the group quickly sealed the exits and scoured the guard room.  They patched up their wounds.  Arken confronted Saressa about one of the powers she used that negatively affected him, and she explained that she was grateful for his glorious sacrifice.  Nobby was attracted to a suit of armor standing in the corner.  It was a hideous piece of work.  It was made of dozens of rat pelts sewn together with hideous tassels that obviously were rat tails.  In other words, it was perfect for Nobby.  Now donning his new armor, his mask of Tharizdun that pulled back the already grotesque corners of his face…he certainly was a sight to behold, though one would not want to look.
…from the diary of Saressa Falloth…
After the despicable tiefling heretic fell from her high pedestal I wanted to teach her corpse a lesson!  Aydrekuth!  What sort of woman would abandon her honorable race to side with the enemy?  However, the part I was slithering along with through Tharizdun’s heart was anxious to hurry onward to find their friend.  They asked me if I knew our whereabouts, and where we might head next.  Of course I knew!  Did they not just see my power manifest?  I am more valuable to them then a simply mapgiver.  Respect is lost among the humans and dwarves.  I led us through the far exit and to the special chamber around a few more veiny bends. 
            Through the muck and fluid we arrived at the powerful chamber I knew existed.  I giggled upon arrival for I knew where we were.  When we entered it a revitalizing feeling rushed through all of us…invigorating ALL of our, ahem, appendages.  I was eyeing my comrades to see if any of them were as excited and rejuvenated as I was feeling.  This was the room that I set my record of 16 men at a time.  The power it gave me was…unending.  However, these ilsulech were ready to move on at first notice.  Most disappointing.
            After some time more of pressing my bear feet through the slime of The Chained Vrokai’s heart, we entered a partition that I had never yet been.  We seemed to be in a giant artery of some sort.  A closed valve was on the floor and stringy flesh led up in a massive pillar before us.  Every ten feet or so there were small chambers where blood seemed to pool, and might have provided climbing opportunities for us.  A most peculiar thing happened.  A terrible dragonborn man peered over the edge and feigned friendship.  He asked what we were doing here and if we needed any assistance.
I don’t know about the men I was with, but I certainly have an ability to read people.  This damned dragonborn was a fake.  You can never trust anything with scales, especially if they speak.  Though he seemed to be an escaped prisoner himself, we ignored his offers for help.  The human monk borrowed some rope from his Halfling friend and began to scale the squishy flesh.  When he arrived at one of the alcoves he turned around to drop the rope.  Just before he could do that, several more dragonborn appeared on ledges in the flesh all the way up the fleshy pillar, and without warning fired their curses, and arrows upon us.  
            To make matters worse the valve on the ground suddenly opened its flabby flaps, and a sizzling acid like blood began to fill the chamber.  The Halfling quickly pulled his daggers and started scaling the flesh.  I called upon the powers of my pact and began to vaporize and teleport to a higher ledge.  The human quickly let down the rope for his comrades to climb up, because they were soon surrounded by acid and were burning their flesh.  When I appeared on the ledge I was shocked to find myself next to two hideous dragonborn.  Regardless of race I’ve always had a power over men, so I bore my chest and sought to have them fight over one another.  They resisted the powers of my body…they must have been under some sort of trance or spell, so I released a shout that sent one of them falling down to his death in the acid below.
I climbed over to where the human monk was.  He was now trying to pull up the dwarf and the human psion at the same time and was losing his grip.  I wanted to mount his face to attempt to hold him in place so I could dig my feet into the flesh of his heart, but he took quickly got his grip.  The Halfling was battling dragonborn at the top of the fleshy pillar.  We knocked another off to the acid below and the dwarf and psion crawled up.  The Halfling was able to teleport one of the foes to midair and leaving him falling to his demise.
I quickly devised a plan to desecrate the flesh of Tharizdun; I pulled my blade from its sheath and attempted to slice and push a chunk down on top of the dragonborn struggling in the acid.   I was unsuccessful and a moment later the acid had almost risen to our level.  A dragonborn man climbed up next to me and the psion.  I made a rash decision, through out my best temptation, and dove headlong in front of him towards the acid, provoking a swing of his blade.  When the blade connected I channeled the energy from it, combined with my willing sacrifice and was able to teleport above him hanging on the rope.
I fired a cursed bolt of energy towards him and disintegrated his body.  Just at that moment, the psion fell unconscious from the wounds he had incurred.  This is when I experienced something that was long forgotten to me.  I watched the heroics of these men, and their ability to sacrifice their wants and desires, and even needs to help their brother.  The psion was soon surrounded by acid, but the monk jumped from great heights landing next to his friend.  He quickly fastened a rope around his inanimate body, and the dwarf, Halfling, and myself attempted to pull him to safety.  I must have been distracted, for we were unable to do so the first time around. 
The monk, realizing his friend was being eaten by the acid and was an inch away from death (Literally only 1hp away from Trel dying), lifted the psionic man above his head and exposed himself to the consuming nature of the acid so he could free his friend.  We were able to pull the body up.  Relieved of the weight the monk quickly escaped the acid, though he was close to succumbing himself.  The acid then cleared the room as the valve reopened. 
What nature is it that these mortals have brought here?  Have I been so long disconnected from the material world that I’ve forgotten the nature of mortals?  Upon pondering this singular event, I can’t recall a time during my existence before my imprisonment where I witnessed such selflessness.  It even made me question my own motives.  There upon the bloody flesh of a valve of Tharizdun lay battered and beaten friends.  The mangled and burned unconscious body of the psion had been pulled to safety, and the dwarf was quickly able to revive him by his divine calling.  Those he sustained many injuries and will forever be scarred, his life had been spared at nearly the cost of another.  Perhaps I’ll have to give up something before the end to prove my worthiness to escape my inevitable tomb…
Saressa Falloth

XP Each:820 XP
-Battle with the Guards:  1700 XP
-Awesome Role Play:  600 XP
-Vertical Acid Encounter:  1600
-Saving Trel’s Life:  200 XP
Total XP: 4100 XP

-4 Healing potions
-Rat Form Armor
-Battle Standard of the Hungry Sword




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