Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 19 - Almost There


  • Michael (Nobby – Halfing Rogue)
  • Trevor (Trel – Human Psion)
  • Necati (Sokuyo – Human Monk)
  • Courtney (Arken – Dwarf Cleric)
  • Tylor (Saressa)
  • Jason (DM)
  • Level 7

The Shadow Slayers having narrowing avoided disaster and losing one of their own take a breather at the top of the artery. They watch as the acidic blood drains with a beat of the heart, pulling the remains of the unfortunate dragonborn soldiers with it. Trel recovers with some help from Arken, however, he will continue to be scared for life. The group sets down the hallway but are once again assaulted by the will of the Heart. This time is much different than the two attacks previously. The Heart put forth all its effort resulting in a much stronger attack to the heroes’ minds, however, instead of trying to dominate and control it examined memories and thoughts of the adventurers and quickly left. Naturally somewhat shaken by the encounter the Shadow Slayers begin to question Saressa for answers, of which she has little. Disappointed in the lack of knowledge Saressa is able to give them they continue forward.

They enter a room containing dragonborn, a tiefling, and a human woman locked within a prison seemingly made out of a shadowy mist. Before anyone can do anything all the adventurers save Saressa are knocked comatose, the will of the Heart exerting itself one last time in hopes to break the stalwartness of the heroes. Each of them found themselves within their own world: a place from their past or their homes surrounded by friends and family. To some, everything seemed perfect, to others they knew something wasn’t right. Knowing the tactics of the Heart, Saressa was able to enter the dreams of Trel. She disguises herself as a wealthy woman looking to adopt an orphan. Through some convincing and smooth talk she is able help him return back to reality though not before he stole a ball from another orphan at the orphanage of his past.

Sokuyo finds himself back at his village with his parents and siblings (Mac and Roni being the only two who had names apparently). He attempts to help plant seeds on the farm, but his father and brothers thought might be better for him to return home having randomly thrown half the seeds all over the ground. He enters the house to see his mother and sister preparing the next meal and are also confused about his actions and suggest he take a rest. He decides however to return to the temple and enter another round of training. Saressa at that point enters his dream and attempts to help him (his family all believing she was his new love interest and sent her back to the temple). They both eventually leave the dream world, but Sokuyo awakes within the cell with the dragonborn, tiefling and the wailing woman.

Arken enjoys being back home with his family, though he knows something isn’t right as the stone work doesn’t match exactly to his memory and some of his family also aren’t correct. He finds his brother in the armory and they quickly fall back into their habits of trying to best each other at drinking and eating food. Arken calls for six barrels of ale to be brought and an entire pig. They both attempt to drink each other under the table with his brother gaining the upper hand with each barrel until the last of six barrels of ale is brought out. The alcohol hits his system all at once he keels over spilling his last pint. Arken looks around him and is no longer surrounded by family and friends but instead the horrific face of Saressa. Hoping it’s just the affects of the alcohol he starts fumbling for words, but quickly regains his senses and slaps Saressa as he gets up, which she shudders from both pain and pleasure giving him a wink.

Nobby finds himself back in Vandromar with The Family, everything exactly the way he remembered it, though having forgotten about the Shadow Slayers. One of the teenagers he has taken under his wing is excited for training and roof top chases, which Nobby happily agrees to do, with quite some finesse as well. His next stop takes him to an old warehouse where the Shadow Callers kept some gear and used as a hideout. Disguised as a rat, he’s looking for any other of the vermin (Shadow Callers, not rats) who may have returned after The Family flushed them out. He hears someone calling his name and takes a peek outside. Trel had entered his dream and is attempting to find him and bring him back to reality. After some intense negotiation at the point of a crossbow bolt, Trel is able to convince Nobby to return.

All of the adventurers back in reality Trel and Nobby are able to disable the jail freeing Sokuyo. With nothing left to do in the room they continue through the other door and toward what they hope will be Quinn. Nobby sneaks ahead and finds four dragonborn, two with long swords and two with bows. The rest, unknowing what Nobby has found enter the room and begin to make short work of the remaining pitiful defenses. Having dispatched the soldiers, the group finds three other doors which lead out of the current room. Arken and Nobby are a little confused by the left over bodies on the floor and attempt to destroy them, leaving only a bloody mess. Nobby takes a door on the right hoping to leave behind the stench of death and blood and is immediately greeted with an arrow to his chest. Screaming for help Nobby rushes forward to return the greeting, but the fighting is over before anyone is able to help. The group continues forward around the corner and encounters another blocked doorway. Nobby sneaks forward again and relays the contents: four dragonborn, two demons and two creatures he recollects being called beholders.

Taking a few quick minutes to come up with a plan the group springs into action setting a trap for any of the adversaries unfortunate enough to walk into it. Using this trap they are able to dispatch two of the dragonborn. Trel, Saressa and Arken run back to the first room attempting to flank the remaining guards while Nobby and Sokuyo attempt a frontal assault. The remaining dragonborn go down without much of a fight but the beholders and the demons are much more hearty. Trel plants a battle standard he found in the barracks which draws the enemies closer to the group and inhibits their ability to move. The beholders put up a fight and the two demons aid them with healing powers of their own. The group continues to battle for some minutes as they continue to tear through the guards, eventually gaining the upper hand.

They heal their wounds as best they can, Trel going around the third door in the first room and finding a teleportation circle, before they open the remaining door and descend the stairs into the final chamber of the Heart.


Skill Challenge and great Role Play: 1750XP
Encounter: 2300XP
Total: 4050XP
Total per character: 810XP



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