Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 2 - Dragon Worship


  • Jason (Quinn)
  • Courtney (Arken)
  • Necati (Sokuyo)
  • Michael (Nobby)
  • Trevor (Trel)
  • Tylor (DM)
    Level: 1

Enter the Dragon

Upon identifying the magical items and the short rest the group decided to press forward using the open door on the north west. However, before they started a human entered the room declaring that Mayor Reckland sent him to to help them. He also seemed to recognize Quinn, though gave no indication why or how. A little leery of the new comer they all entered the doorway and proceeded to enter an enormous cavern. The cavern contained a number of stairs leading toward what appeared to be an alter. The group decided to play to safe, all that is save Sokuyo who pressed forward toward the altar. He investigated a little and tripped the opening of another door behind the altar, while at the same time imprisoning himself as a series of bars slid up toward the ceiling of the cavern. Being the proverbial curious cat, Sokuyo ventured into the opening door. He heard scratching at the ground and saw a large shadow of what looked to be a dragon!

Sokuyo returned back out of the doorway and relayed the information he discovered. As is to be expected, the rest of the group was not very excited at the news. Sokuyo crept back toward the opening and waited, hoping to take advantage of a first attack. The dragon, which was a small juvenile dragon, poked his head through searching for some food and instead felt the rush of air and heard the dull thud as Sokuyo’s kick missed and hit stone wall. The dragon turned and unleashed his fury on Sokuyo with claws and teeth. Sokuyo was slammed to the wall on the first attack and slumped down dead.

Or would have been dead if Arken and Quinn had not run toward the bars and taunted the dragon away. Trel, the new adventurer, and Nobby noticed some pillars that appeared at the entrance of the cavern and started working on them see what would happen. The apeared to be the mechanisms to lower the bars and get to Sokuyo! Sokuyo regained his composure after taking the attacks of the dragon. He launched another attack toward the dragon which only caused minor damage. In the process of the attack Sokuyo mounted the dragon and held on for dear life. The dragon of course was very agitated and launched into the air with Sokuyo on his back. The dragon flew to the top of the cavern over the iron bars. Trel and Nobby continued working on the pillars and were able to get one down and were convinced that by lowering the other, the bars would be lowered. As they worked on the second pillar the dragon, who had flown over the bars, thudded next to them and unleashed a bitter cold breath attack knocking Nobby unconscious and Trel bloodied. Nobby was dying.

Quinn and Arken raced up the stairs to the aid of their friends as quickly as they could attacking where possible to draw the attention of the dragon. Thankfully something worked and the dragon turned toward Quinn. All this while Sokuyo still rode the dragon punching and kicking as best he could against the hard dragon scale. The dragon lunged at Quinn, but none of his attacks landed. Arken finished climbing the stairs muttering dwarvish curses all the while. He pointed his finger and blasted the dragon with Pelor’s light. Sokuyo jumped off the dragon and attacked again. The dragon unleashed another burst of cold breath towards the new targets seeking to put an end to the battle. Fortunately only moderate damage was taken by Quinn. Frustrated and bleeding from multiple injuries the dragon launched back into the sky. Quinn and Arken followed on the ground as Sokuyo tried to climb natural cave pillars in hopes of jumping back on the dragon, however, he too had to run on foot. Nobby, who had been revived by the divine light channeled through Arken, and Trel who had recovered a little finished working on the last pillar which dropped the steel bars in front of the alter. The dragon landed to make his final stand against Quinn, Arken and Sokuyo. Sokuyo delivered the final blow killing the dragon.

Treasure was found in the dragon’s horde which the group quickly gathered up.
The group found a ramp leading upwards at the south end of the room. It led to two large wooden doors that they could see through. They peeked through undetected.

Of Dragon Worship and Human prisoners

Arken was able to see through the door into the main worship chamber of the Kobolds. He was startled at first at what appeared to be a full grown dragon. After looking a moment longer though, it was a a monsterous stone carving of a dragon, that the kobold seemed to be performing some form of worship ritual in front of. Multiple Kobolds were seen, as well as a goblin with a giant fang and two humans suspended in cages above spikes over the dragon’s back. A plan was quickly cobbled together using Nobby’s crossbow and Arken’s ability to invoke Pelor’s power. In the confusion the rest of the group would rush the two prison guards and free the prisoners. It was a great plan, at least in planning. The execution was lacking a little. Fortunately Nobby was able to take out the first guard easily followed up quickly by the second. Sokuyo rushed forward and was stopped by the goblin who froze his leg with a gesture from his orb. The rest of the Kobold rushed forward to raise the prisoners, using some levers fastened to the southern wall of the chamber. Trel was able to blast the Kobold who ran toward the cranks for the cages as the rest of the group tangled with the goblin and Kobolds. Nobby saw another Kobold dashing toward the other crank and snipped him as well. Sokuyo and Quinn dealt with the goblin. When the goblin was finally defeated, before his dying breath he called out in the face of Quinn,“He will never let you get away with this!” Though the group didn’t find out who ‘he’ was. Ultimately the battle was over in a matter of minutes, the ground slick with Kobold blood. Upon searching the goblin the group found a note:


Don’t let up on the nightly attacks until you find that Orb. The damned Kobold are too dense to understand what the greater picture is, and it’s your job to keep them in line. You will be greatly rewarded by The Shadow Callers if you can managed to finish this task. I’ll look after you Ironfang, just get me that Orb.

I have a feeling the mayor will gather a small group of adventurers to go on the offensive soon, so be ready for anything. Let that stupid, young dragon those Kobold worship deal with them if they come in the cave. I’ll be there in a few days to see how things are going. I think I’ve located the man in Angrecca who received the Orb. I’m going to… ‘pay him a visit.’

Great rewards come with your success. And I strongly advise you not to test the waters of failure.

The note was signed with a ‘Ƶ’. An Ageis Longsword was also discovered. The group went back to Angrecca with the two townsfolk they rescued and also with a mission to see Bhenn Lennock before this mysterious person. They arrive at Bhenn’s residence and find him beaten severely. They are able to revive him and heal some of his wounds. The attacker was a man dressed all in black he resembles one of the people was seeking an audience with the mayor as he gave them their mission. They also learned that Belkas in Vandamar is the one looking for the orb. Bhenn gives Arken the key to the chest they find under the floor boards containing the orb. Arken and Quinn are determined to return to the Kobold cavern to see what else they can learn, but Sokuyo and Nobby persuade them to rest until nightfall.

Completing the Mission

Around 11 PM the group sets back out to complete their first mission of crushing the Kobolds. The remaining Kobolds were a simple matter to dispatch and very little additional information was obtained. During further inspection the group discovered a statue of the Kobolds’ god which contained additional treasure beneath it, after considerable usage of skill to move the statue. Gold and healing potions were obtained.

LOOT (gold and silver excluded):

3 Healing Potions

Amulet of Protection (The stats can be found on Page 249 of the player’s handbook. It is a lvl 1 neck slot item that adds +1 to Fort, Reflex, and Will. You guys decide who gets it.)

+1 Aegis Longsword (LVL 3)

XP for Each: 695 XP

Slayed the Young Blue Dragon: 750 XP
Dragon Worship Room: 725 XP
Saving the Humans: 100 XP
Finding note from ‘*Ƶ*’: 50 XP
Healing Bhenn & Obtaining Orb: 200 XP
Finishing off the Kobold: 150 XP
Dragon Statue Trap: 500 XP
Completing Kobold Cave Quest & Reporting to Mayor: 1000 XP
Total XP: 3,475



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