Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 21 - Conversion of Greenwater


Michael (Nobby)
Trevor (Trel)
Necati (Sokuyo)
Courtney (Arken)
Jason (Quinn)
Jeremy (Laer)
Tylor: DM
Level: 8
            The flames spread rapidly around Quinn as he sat seated on the newly cleared plot of land and the Goliath men retreated into the darkness.  Without so much as a second thought he casually gathered up his things, looked up at the dark trees above the flames, and with an elvish grace teleported to a branch of the nearest one some 15 feet away.  Once perched comfortably safely above the flames, he pulled out his quill and parchment again and continued his letter to his mentor.
            Meanwhile, Trel was receiving much praise from the boys at The Mucky Mead for his winnings on the crocodile Karl, and his drunken stupor.  The dwarf, the Halfling, and the human man meandered out of the pub.  A crowd was beginning to gather at the far end of town around the bright fire.  Arken, realizing it was near his new plot of land and that his friend Quinn was back there set off in a sprint.  The Halfling stayed with Trel to help him wander over.
            Sokuyo caught sight of the rising light while he was wandering through lonely houses and thick jungle and he too raced back towards the plot.  Arken burst through the crowd and searched for his friend and Quinn called down to him from the trees up above.  Arken and Sokuyo rushed into action gathering buckets of water to douse the flames while a man and a woman helped them put it out.  Trel, in all his drunken wisdom, attempted to pee on the fire from ten feet away.  Nobby, when he arrived, began following the tracks of the Goliath men who started the fire.  He found them at the back of the crowd laughing in deep voices, and jeering at the sight in front of them.  He thought it a good idea to try and pick pocket one of them.
            During his attempt, Priker Viricoth, the head of the Bound Brotherhood, picked the Halfling up in the air, ready to throttle him.  Sokuyo, seeing the Halfling kicking as the goliath hoisted him into the air, pushed through the crowd and kicked the man in the arm.  He intentionally dropped the Halfling and turned his attention towards Sokuyo.
“Your ‘friend’ here thought it would be wise to pick the pockets of my men right in front of my eyes, so step down human!” he growled.
Sokuyo confronted him, and Nobby piped up that they had started the fire.  Priker told them they needed to leave town immediately.  Sokuyo spoke up.
“We have every right to be here.  While I am not a believer myself, I know that my dwarven friend is a follower of this Pelor, and I will help him preach his word.  You have no right to command these people, they can choose whatever they like.”
“Is that so?” Priker began, “Well go ask around the town for yourselves.  You will see that they converted on their own.  For Pelor abandons his followers in their time of need.  These people have readily converted to the following of Vangothazen.  I will give you two weeks, and then you must depart.”  And with that he gathered his men and turned and left.
With the fire out, the group set camp for the night in the homes of the two men that Nobby cheated earlier that day near The Mucky Mead.  The next day the group began building their small Church, Trel excluded as he was recovering from the night before.  A small family brought a sleigh of building materials to the Shadow Slayers.  They introduced themselves as Jaylim and Telicho Mireth.  They shared with the group the same information that Trel had gathered from Gemini Stoddle, the barmaid: to meet south of town later that evening in secret.
That night the group found the Mireth’s and Gemini hiding off the road south of town.  They wandered through the jungle some ways and they led them to a cave behind a waterfall.  Inside was a small congregation of people led by a short gnome man.  The man wore no shirt, had a long pony tail, and was missing a front tooth.  He was lighting incense, and setting up Totems. 
“Well ‘allo there!” he exclaimed when he saw them.  “Me name is Prim ‘olyoak, and we know you were sent to us from the great god o’ the sun!”  Prim explained that these were the few faithful followers of Pelor that met here in secret once a week to hear Prim preach to them.  Here they met Laer, a shifter shaman, who was naturally quiet and spoke only wisdom about faithfulness to Pelor.  He proved a faithful ally in the weeks to come.  The group devised a plan to make a public display as they dedicated the new church and Arken would begin his preaching.
The next day they gathered as many people in the village who were willing.  During the dedication several Shadar-Kai men rode into town on dire boars.  The man in charge, Sulveneth, ordered them to cease their preaching.  He was a servant of Vangothazen, and even Priker feared him.  When Sulveneth found out that Priker had given the group permission to preach for two weeks, he had a dire boar kick Priker to the ground.  It was obvious that Sulveneth wanted to kill him on the spot but knew it would be better to get permission from his Lord, Vangothazen, first.  So they departed.
Over the next 6 weeks, The Shadow Slayers remained in the village and converted many people to the following of Pelor.  They helped them repent of their conversion to Vangothazen.  Regular meetings were held in the small chapel and as the numbers grew to large to fit inside, a small platform was constructed outside.  Arken, Prim, and Laer frequently spoke on the doctrines of Pelor from the stand.  Quinn and Trel gave discourses on the history of the Church.  Sokuyo surveyed people and gathered information for several weeks.  He found that Vangothazen was feared.  He was described as wearing a massive dark robe that covered his figure, though no one he met had actually set eyes on him during his visits to the village.  Nobby spent most of his time at The Mucky Mead manipulating the less faithful portion of the community that they did believe in Pelor.
After several weeks of preaching, during a discourse given by Trel, Sulveneth returned to the village with several Shadar-Kai in tow.  He came to the back of the large crowd.  The Shadar-Kai began advancing through the crowd, drawing weapons.  Luckily the Shadow Slayers were all nearby, and them, including Laer, drew their weapons at once.  As the Shadar-Kai approached the platform pulling shadow katars and razor chain whips, a vicious fight broke out.  The crowd began scattering.  The battling took place near the platform, on rooftops, and around and in a nearby wagon.  Several villagers were injured by in a matter of 30 seconds the heroes had slain all of their oppressors.  With the Shadar-Kai fallen, they tended to the wounds of the villagers, and continued their preaching.
A short time later, they sat gathered in the Church reminiscing on the good graces that had been given to them by Pelor in converting so many.  They were grateful for their new friends, Prim Holyoak, and the mysterious Shaman, Laer.  Sitting in the chapel they felt a blessing of Pelor rest upon them.  Just then there was a knock at the door and a note slipped under it.
“It’s time to finish this.  Meet us at dawn.
Priker Viricoth, Morvin Kraybosh, and Sulveneth”
XP Each: 808
-Awesome Roleplay: 1000 XP
-Conversion Skill Challenge: 1400 XP
-Shadar-Kai Attack: 2450 XP
Total XP this session: 4850 XP





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