Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 22 - The Fall of the Dwarf

The Fall of the Dwarf



Courtney (Arken, Dwarf Cleric)
Necati (Sokuyo, Human Monk)
Jeremy (Laer, Shifter Shaman)
Jason (Quinn, Human Swordmage)
Trevor (Trel, Human Psion)
Michael (Nobby, Halfling Rogue)
Tylor (DM)
Level: 8
            It was a humid and cooler morning while the heroes slept inside the small chapel they had built several Laith’s ago.  A dense fog was set in the village and the sky was barely beginning to brighten, though the sun had not yet risen.  Nobby, the rogue, had set protective and defensive traps in the general vicinity in case Priker, Sulveneth, or Morvin attempted to get a jump on them in the night.  While several of the heroes still lay sleeping in the chapel, Laer was just behind it near the woods puffing on his pipe.  Staring into the fog and deeply pondering it wasn’t long before he saw something that caught his attention.
            Through the fog was a very large figure approaching.  He looked to be heavily armored, and was caring an elongated case under his arm.  As the silhouette became more distinct, Laer could see that it was a tall Dragonborn man.  His scales were a pale grayish blue, and an icy blue color was around the tendril like hair on his head.  It seemed as if this man had seen a lot of adventuring in his life.  Suddenly, the trap Nobby had set sprung off as the dragonborn set foot in it, and he let out a deep bellowing howl.
            Laer, amused, continued to puff on his pipe as he watched the dragonborn howl and drop the box to the ground.  His yelling woke the adventurers in the hut, save Sokuyo who was out wandering, and Nobby seeing what had happened walked out the front door of the chapel towards the man.
            “Argh! Was it you, you Halfling fool, who set this damn trap in the middle of the road?!” he howled as Nobby approached.
            “You could have been an enemy of us.  And clearly, my trap worked.  Now, what business do you have here, and perhaps we can arrange a small price for getting you out of the trap?” Nobby countered as he stood rubbing his eyes from the early morning light.
            “Damn you!  Let me out of this at once.  I bring news and an offer for your group, if you hadn’t been so foolish to trap your allies!”
            “What sort of price are you willing to pay?” Nobby continued.
            At that comment the dragonborn pulled from his waist a large flail.  Raising it above his head he made to swing down at the trap holding him to the ground when Nobby cried out in horror.
            “Okay, okay!  I’ll let you out, geeze!”  By this point the other heroes had risen and were watching the whole interaction.  As soon as the man was freed, he made straight for the chapel and walked inside, mumbling about the ignorance of Nobby.  The adventurers gathered around to hear from their unexpected guest.  He laid the long wooden box on the table and said.
            “My name is Dekran Janaar.  I have been watching you for a few weeks since I’ve arrived here in Greenwater and I’ve been impressed with the deeds you’ve been doing.  I say first, that you and I are allies.  I’ve heard among some of the villagers that you are spreading a tale about a Ziggurat you’ve recently come from, inside of which you destroyed one of the legendary six hearts of The Chained God.  This is a phenomenal task, of which I have more information regarding the other hearts.  But I’d like to see for myself that I can trust you.  I know that you have fight this morning to finish with the leaders of this village, of which I commend you.  I wish you luck.  After I see that you truly are good men, and can hold your own, we must speak.  For I believe we can help each other.”
            With that, he pushed the long box towards the group.  As they looked at it, he informed them he had gambled with Priker Viricoth and had beat him fair and square at The Mucky Mead.  He obtained this sword from him.  The box had a familiar name written in elvish on it: Riarden.  Suddenly, the group realized that Priker must have come across their friend from the Bela’Thim in the swamps, and slain him for this sword.  Quinn identified the magic properties of the blade, and equipped it to cut down Priker in a few short minutes.
            Meanwhile Sokuyo was out wandering and gathering information on Priker’s crew, and where the battle was to take place.  The group readied themselves after Priker’s return.  One of Nobby’s traps had gone off again, killing two of the Bound Brotherhood who were trying to spy on the heroes.  The Shadow Slayers set off through Greenwater village towards the chapel of Vangothazen deeper into the swamps on the outskirts of town.  When they arrived, the entirety of the village must have been present.  The large black chapel rose out of the swamps like an infection.  There was a small walled courtyard on the backside of the chapel.  The villagers cheered as the heroes arrived.  On the far side of the small valley were the Bound Brotherhood, and down near the entrance to the courtyard was Priker.
            “Let us finish this!” he bellowed, “And you shall leave our village forever so that we may worship the all powerful Vangothazen without interference!”
            A voice from atop the chapel echoed down, “You shall bow before the great Lord Vangothazen!” It was Morvin Kraybosh.  Suddenly, he activated 4 bluish orbs on tables inside the walled courtyard and an acidic rain began pouring from the sky, burning the adventurers.  The heroes began charging down the hill drawing their weapons as civilians ran for cover.  Nobby ran towards the chapel and began scaling the wall towards Morvin.  A few seconds later and the group was surrounding Priker and weapons began clanging as they fought the massive Goliath.
            Suddenly from the disguise of shadows and swamp growth sprang Sulveneth, the hideous Shadar-Kai man set on destroying the heroes.  He was wielding two one-handed scythes, and began hacking at the flesh of those surrounding Priker.  Morvin was casting wicked divine spells from atop the roof by the power of Vangothazen.  Nobby snuck to the roof and dashed towards Morvin and began slashing at him.
            Trel climbed atop the wall to the courtyard and began destroying the orbs that were causing the acidic rain.  When he had line of sight to Movin he used his psychic powers, and the power of Trelonis to rip the man from his footing.  Morvin went flying through the air and smacked into Priker, knocking them both into the ground and doing severe damage.  The battle then brawled in the mud for several more seconds.  The killing blow to Priker was when Laer’s summoned panthers clawed him from the front, and the second one climbed on top of him and ripped his head off with his fangs.  When Morvin and Sulveneth fell, the crowd let out howling roars as the acidic rain ceased from Trel’s last disenchant.  The goliath men on the far side began scattering into the swamps.  The heroes had triumphed again.
            Prim Holyoak came rushing down the hill with others in tow.  He immediately suggested they desecrate and destroy the chapel of Vangothazen.  Burn it to the ground, the mob wanted.  Sokuyo spoke up, protecting dignity and honor, persuading the mob that if they were to do so, they were no better than the men who had oppressed them.  Arken told the mob to loot the place, but leave it standing. 
            The heroes regrouped, mending their wounds and saw Dekran Janaar waiting for them atop the hill.  They approached him and began walking back to town.  He was praising them, and saying that he would buy them all drinks at The Mucky Mead while they discussed the looming darkness of Tharizdun’s escape.
            Nobby looked up to see Gemini Stoddle run out of The Mucky Mead in tears, clearly her father had struck her again.  Nobby looked infuriated and was about to call out, when Gemini looked at the sky and screamed and ran inside.  A great shadow eclipsed them all, and they turned their heads…
The Dwarf:
Well, by the terror of the nine hells, that was a hard fought victory, but worth all the rewards.  Look at all the converts of Pelor standing around cheering us.  Our time here is well spent.  Pelor knew we wouldn’t need his help, and wanted to test our capacities and our resolve!  Surely, that is why he revoked his blessing!  The damned dragonborn must want to meet us now after that showmanship.  Sulveneth, Priker, and Morvin should have known when we entered Greenwater that us Shadow Slayers meant business.  We are the slayers of shadows, we bring forth light to every darkened part of the world.  Pelor’s light!  Ah….now to quench to weariness of battle with a drought of that wicked moonshine ol’ Pagwin cooks up at The Mucky Mead.  That’ll put a bite on the edge of this ’ere pain.  

Ah, look!  There is Gemini Stoddle, Pagwin’s daughter, emerging from the Mead now.  She must surely be happy to see us.  She certainly has taken a liking to Trel…though I don’t know why.  She doesn’t hold a light to Elcie though.  Speaking of light, I’d love to see Elcie now and….Blargh! My thoughts digress.  I wish the rest of the crew would hurry up and….wait…Wha’s that bloody shadow? Oh, what the hell now?!

In all his horror, the black dragon Vangothazen came swooping out of the sky in a massive expansive.  The lake of green water in the center of town began to rumble and from within rose a large circular platform clearly used for worship of this hideous dragon.  The dragon circled and then set down with tremendous THUDS in the center of the newly risen circle.  In an incredibly deep and dark voice the Dragon spoke to them in the Common tongue, “I. Am. Vangothazen.  You have entered my realm, and have challenged my power and dominion.  It is time that you meet your end.”
A chorus of fear struck through the adventurers, when realizing their duty, they slowly drew their weapons.
Ah, for the love of Pelor! My work never ends…
The group, with their new found friends Laer and Dekran charge directly at the dragon crossing a wooden bridge that let to the circular platform.  Time seemed to be slowed to almost a standstill around the heroes.  Fearing the worst, but choosing to follow courage they charged after the massive beast.  Arken reacted slower than most, taking a moment to reach and grab his warhammer before charging at the Dragon.
As the heroes charged across the bridge Vangothazen reared his ugly head and blasted a breath of acidic venom.  Most were able to dodge, or raise their shields in time, but those who weren’t quick enough were severely burned.  Quinn began slashing at the dragon’s scales, and Dekran swung his mace attempting to make a vicious blow all while shouting battle commands to the group!  Sokuyo began pummeling the flesh of the dragon with such force that a few of his blows began penetrating the scales.  The dragon attempted to claw Quinn and Dekran but the dodged too quickly.
Arken attempted to summon the power of Pelor, but Pelor had clearly abandoned him in his time of need.
Well, it seems Pelor doesn’t think we need his help again! We’ve beat his adversaries before, and we shall beat them again! 
Just then the dragon rises with his massive wings and begins flying upwards towards the large bamboo tower.  Trel who stayed back from the fray and climbed a smaller tower was able to penetrate the mind of the dragon and yank his entire massive figure spiraling towards the ground.  Vangothazen accepted his fate, tucked his wings, and dove directly into the lake creating a thunderous splash that soaked all of the adventurers.
There is certainly no way a dwarf is diving into that muck!  And look at that dragonborn leaping from the platform to that wooden dock! I’m obviously going to have to take the long way around.  I’m definitely going to need to soak in a tub after all the exercise today.  The work of heroics never gets a break.  And oh Elcie, I remember clearly the way she was in that giant tub with me back in the castle of Vandromar.  What a beautiful woman.
A slight smile drew across the dwarf’s lips as he sprinted around the lake to get to a more advantageous position.  Quinn attempted to clear the jump as well but fell short and landed in the water.  The massive figure of the dragon deep beneath the surface could be seen swimming towards Quinn so Sokuyo quickly jumped in the water and dove down towards the dragon.  He mustered a powerful punch and kept the dragon from attack his friend.  A few moments later the dragon erupted from the water and landed on the shore near Dekran, Arken, and Nobby.  Trel on the far side of the lake began summoning telekinetic orbs that began circling him.  The dragon blasted another burst of breath while the adventurers regrouped.  The battle then took a turn as the dragon was forced towards the large tower that was at least 60 feet high.  Nobby took to the tower, ending on the first level 20 feet in the air and began raining down crossbow bolts.
Arken was able to serve as a conduit for his deity a few times, healing several of his comrades.
It’s about time Pelor heard my cries!  But something is blocking the divine magic from flowing!  This must be another divine test from Pelor!  Good, my companions have the beast surrounded near the pump and the tower.  How might I best get into this fray…
Just then Arken, the dwarf, went charging across the battlefield and stepped on the large lift next to the tower.  He flipped the switch and the counterweights released sending him straight to the uppermost level of the tower.
Sokuyo, so many months ago, thought he could ride that white dragon.  Well this will be my chance to show him.
The dragon was twisting its neck and summoning black shadow around him, the battle in its most intense and heated moments as a fray of blades, spikes, claws, magic, and darkness swirled together.  Suddenly the dwarf leapt from great heights, his arms outstretched to his warhammer.  A moment later he landed with a terrible crash on top of the dragons head and began swinging his hammer wildly to strike the dragon to his death.
The group began battling fiercely to support their cleric friend, Trel was forcing the dragon into a more advantageous position.  Suddenly, the world came crashing down.
Vangothazen roared his displeasure and began whipping his head and wings wildly.  He was destroying the very tower he was beneath. 
My damned leg is caught!  What is this beast doing!  ARRGGH, he bit my arm!
Just then the support beams were crushed and the tower began to collapse.  Everyone ran as quickly as they could, but Arken whose arm no longer usable from Vangothazens bite, and Nobby who was still in the tower were unable to escape quick enough.
The several floors of the building tower came crashing down on top of the dragon and the two heroes creating a thunderous crash and a ball of dust.
The last thing Arken saw was the tail of the dragon reeling towards him, his leg caught in the dragons scales, his arm useless, and his position of being utterly alone riding the enemy of his God.  Suddenly, he saw a point of light in the distance that rapidly began to grow larger…
XP Each: 1066 XP
-Priker, Sulveneth, Morvin: 2400 XP
-Slaying the great Dragon Vangothazen: 3000 XP
-Liberate Greenwater Village: 1000 XP
Total XP: 6400 XP

Riarden’s Rubicant Blade




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