Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 27 - War of Expansion

Part 2

In the rainy weather of the following morning the heroes attended the funeral services for Nobby’s fallen boys from his gang. The king even made his appearance at the funeral and offered his respects. A woman came in before the funeral started convinced Nobby had threatened to bury a man alive so Belkas was forced to look into the coffins to appease the woman, though he knew the man she referred to was the Shadow Caller they killed in the presence of the king. The services began and Nobby gave a speech about the power of man and rising to the challenge of his calling. He spoke of Arken, and the way he overcame by his own will the religious oppression of an entire village. After the service, the party began their preparations for their departure to the northwest to help with the War of Expansion. Dekran petitioned the king for some horses to aid their travels, and he granted them some of his finest horses that had been broken in the past year. The newly founded Acolytes of Arken, aligned with the city favorite Shadow Slayers, then set out to help the nation of Daemar. IT took them 4 laiths to travel the full journey to the northwestern Daemar pass. They traveled most of the way through the edge of the Northvale forest near the Crooked Spine. On the way most of them caught a chest sickness from some stirred spores that caused a whooping cough in Dekran, and they lost two days of travel. He also lost his Everlasting Provisions along the journey. But finally, on the 20th day after their departure they arrived at the pass. It was winding and rocky as they made their way through to the western side, but at the end of the day it was a sight to behold. Coming out of the pass the wildlands stretched before them. Rising up a few miles away was a large keep, clearly of ancient origin. Beyond it several miles was a smaller watchtower and a long wall made of timbers running parallel with the horizon. When they arrived at the keep at dusk they were greeted heartily but weary soldiers. In the keep they met Marshal Latham Carico, head of the Daemarian army. With him was Captain Undicci Delefay, who recognized several of the heroes at once from back during their investigation at the Castle in Vandromar. Marshal Carico explained the situation. The horde of barbarians and orcs was making frontal assaults against the wall on a regular basis. But battles were being fought to the north and to the south in order to weak the lines. A bridge to the north was being repaired by a unit of soldiers but they weren’t making much progress because they had to protect themselves. Also, scouts had reported that the orcs had crafted several trebuchets and were moving them through the western forest and would arrive at the watchtower in a days time. After some deliberation, the group decided it would be best to take out the trebuchets before anything else then come back to help in whatever ways they could. They accompanied Captain Delefay down to the watchtower. They found about 20 soldiers very weary from battle and downtrodden in spirit. They roused their spirits as Mel Faldrin gave them several hand kegs of ale from Garadun. A small moot was thrown that night, and the men felt the spirit of the heroes.

Early the next morning, before sunrise, the heroes set out to find and destroy the trebuchets. It took some stealthy tracking in the wilderness and eventually they had to pass into enemy territory unseen. A few hours later they found the camp of orcs and gnolls that were transporting the trebuchets. With them they had 3 ogres that were used to push the trebuchets. The heroes formed a plan to ambush the camp from the cover of the cliffs above. A few moments later the party began raining down Alchemist’s fire, a concoction used to burn those it explodes around. The initial throw landed directly in the fire and burned several orcs at once.
An outright slaughter ensued. The orcs were downed in a matter of seconds, Trel flung one ogre around like a ragdoll, and the other ogres tried to climb the cliffs to the heroes only to be met by swinging flails and hammers. In the end, the gnolls and chieftain fled as quickly as they could away. Two of the trebuchets were burned, and the third was recovered by the heroes and pushed back to the keep, arriving late in the afternoon. Captain Delefay’s men were overjoyed.
For the next two Maureth’s the heroes devised plans to dismantle the attacks of the Barbarians and Orc Alliance until reinforcements from Feliwyth could arrive. Sokuyo and Therin traveled together back to the southeast through the pass and began moving from reclusive village to reclusive village trying to inspire men to join the cause and help defend their homes. Dekran and Mel remained on the frontlines commanding soldiers of men and helping hold the wall for several Laiths. Sokuyo soon after returned to the wall and helped them while Therin continued the work in the southeast.
Nobby and Trel joined forces and ventured into the great unknown to the west of the Army of Daemar. There beyond the boundaries of the nation they met several fringe groups who were ambivalent about which side of the conflict to side with, or to avoid it altogether. Trel was able to impress an enclave of gnomes with his arcanic powers and they were so awestruck that they agreed to build defensive and offensive machinery for the army to use. Nobby and Trel then descended into a deep cave dungeon and found some Half-Orcs living inside and convinced them to join the cause to protect their homes.
After reinforcements from the west and southwest arrived, all the heroes returned to the front lines a maureth later to reunite and hold out until the army of Eladrin and Elves from the east arrived. It was a hard fought battle spent there, but on a glorious morning several laiths later, the golden, auburn, and pearl white banners of the Army from Feliwyth shone in the pass. Help had arrived. The barbarians and orcs feared the worst as they now saw their plight. The entire Alliance retreated into the western wildlands after several days of battle with the Eladrin and Humans side by side. Being outmatched they surrendered their efforts. The War of Expansion had come to a close, for a time.

XP Each: 2,458 XP

-Terulai Encounter: 3,350 XP
-Protecting King, Taking Drugs, Staying in Character: 800 XP
-Burning the Mansion: 300 XP
-Mansion Encounter: 2,850 XP
-Shutting down drug ring: 1000 XP
-Dismantling Shadow Callers: 1000 XP
-Successful travel to Pass of Daemar: 200 XP
-Dismantling Orc Trebuchet’s: 2,850 XP
-The Art of War Skill Challenge: 2,400 XP

Total XP: 14,750 XP



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