Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 28 - The Island of Beckoning


Necati (Sokuyo)
Trevor (Trel)
Zac (Therin)
Tylor (DM)

A few laiths passed while the heroes and the Army of Daemar waited for word from the king. The soldiers held their position along the mountainous front, and the Barbarian and Orc alliance recollected themselves in the plains beyond now that a “cease-fire” had been called.

During this time Sokuyo and Therin traveled back through the pass and helped the ravaged communities in the southeast. With their numbers down due to the war, memorial services were held, and Sokuyo attempted to help them get their crops back in order due to lack of labor.

In time, a traveling carriage arrived with Belkas inside, but to the surprise of those around the King was not present. Instead, Belkas arrived with a letter from the king. The letter stated that he had no one with which he could currently leave the care of the great city, considering the recent events with Terulai and the Shadow Callers. His trust had been broken.

Instead, the king’s letter ordained Nobby to the office of Noble of Daemar, filling the sixth seat of the King’s council. He was instructed to handle the negotiations with the leader of the Alliance for Vandromar’s best interest, with the supervision of his peers. Arrangements were immediately made to meet on a neutral hill to the west. As the proceedings unfolded with the Barbarian leader, both opinions were discussed.

In the end, Vandromar agreed to provide two Maureth’s of food and medical supplies for 10,000 men, and no further expansion would occur at this time. They also agreed to open permanent trade routes between their colonies and the region of Daemar, albeit lightly at first.

With their tasks complete, the Army agreed to the Barbarian leaders request to retreat the army the next day, but leave scouts and several troops at the watchtowers and pass’ keep. With that, the heroes set off on their return towards Vandromar, taking a few more Laith’s as they traveled with the army.
Back in the city, the King was immensely pleased at their return and the settlement of the War of Expansion. His attention now turned to providing the terms of agreement and helping the people in the unsettled regions to the northwest. Trel put in his petition to be elected the head of the Mage’s guild and the King wrote a letter of recommendation to the acting guild leader. Soon after, Trel was appointed the leader of the Vandromar Mage’s guild. He appointed Therin his second in command and together they restructured the hierarchy and focus of the entire guild membership.

The adventurers then traveled back to Angrecca and met with Bhenn Lennock, their old friend, down at the port. He showed them the replacement ship that had been issued because the one the king originally planned to give them had been raided and destroyed by pirates. The heroes set to work fixing the ship to their expectations. With the reward money from the King for their new endeavors, the ordered and purchased the finest materials available, making a truly beautiful war ship. The heroes christened it The Flying Arken. The heroes then set about finding the best crew available. However, they were quite unlucky in locating anyone better than merchant ship crewmen and an eager and somewhat gruff captain. A one time contract was made with the hopes that better shipmen would be found. With the ship complete, the party spent the next few days in preparation of their departure into the great world of Celysion to take on the threat of The Chained God’s rising.

Word began to spread throughout the city of the departure of their heroes and anxiety began to grow. The time came and a great celebration was held at the small docks of Vandromar. Several hundred people arrived to bid farewell to the heroes, unknowing of their exact return. With the bottle smashing celebration, and departure from the great city, the heroes breathed in the salt air for the adventures ahead of them. The Port of Feliwyth was their first destination. On the 4th day of their journey a terrible storm arose. Rain crashed down, and waves smashed into the side of the ship. A crewman was thrown overboard and the focus changed immediately. Sokuyo gathered a nearby rope and threw it to the man as other crewmen rushed to help. Just then, Therin was thrown from the starboard side of the ship into the terrible waves. Trel used his mage hand ability to fly a rope to Therin. When Sokuyo assigned his rope to two other men and rushed to help draw Therin out, another crew mate was pulled in. It was quick work before Therin was on board. The two men were soon recovered with some effort. They seemed water logged but okay.

A few days later the waters had calmed significantly. It was a cool night and the sky was clear. The stars shone brightly above, and faint wisps of colored light flickered from the Astral sea. Sokuyo and Trel stood near the bow of the ship when suddenly they both spotted a flickering bonfire in the distance. Sokuyo asked the captain if they were close to arriving, and he told them they had several more days. They redirected their course and saw the sunken silhouette of a ship on the edges of an island with a large mountain. The ship approached cautiously over the next few hours, when they drew closer they lowered a rowboat and the heroes went ashore. A peculiar thing happened.

When they docked on the sandy shore they turned around only to see that the entire island was engulfed in a thick white fog. They could no longer see far into the ocean and could only hear the lapping of the waves. Their ship was not in sight. In a few moments Therin deduced the fog was unnatural and of arcane origin. Trel identified that it was a positional spell. He reckoned their shipmates could still see them, but from on the island, the mist pervaded. A beautiful humming sound was coming through the island jungle. Weapons drawn the heroes moved forward in search for survivors when no one responded to their calls. An eerie pale white tiger watched them as they passed. Further into the jungle they saw an all white owl. Finally after several minutes of journey, they found a break in the fauna that led into a valley at the base of the mountain. In the center of the valley was a large crystalline structure that rose in two crossed slanted towers. It seemed to be made of crystallized salt. Just as one of the heroes was about to step into the moonlight of the valley a voice called from behind, “Don’t step into the light!”

The heroes called out to them. The man revealed himself. He was wearing a familiar sigil that Sokuyo recognized from his inquiries at the port of Angrecca. The gaunt githzerai man belonged to the Brethren of the Coast. The Brethren of the Coast were a guild from Feliwyth primarily dedicated to patrolling the open waters near the port of Feliwyth. They charged themselves with stopping pirates and protecting merchants from all the various dangers of the untamed sea. The githzerai convinced the party that he and a few more men had made a hideout and to come with them. In the hideout they found a few others: a small adventuring party. There were 2 Eladrin, an elf, and a human. Izera, the githzerai leader, related how their ship had been lured in by the song of the White Sirens.

“You are now on the Island of Beckoning. The White Sirens have drawn us all in, and we cannot escape the mists lest we destroy this horrid creatures. They are not beautiful like the sirens of lore, but feign beauty in their mystical seductions. Our captain fell victim to their songs and brought us here. Our entire crew is with him in that palace, seemingly believing they have found paradise. But the White Sirens feast upon the souls of men. Now that we have a formidable force, let us save our friends and place blades of steel in the heart of these wenches!” The heroes readily agreed and a plan was set forth. Sokuyo devised in his mind to recruit these sailors after this task to help sail The Flying Arken. The 10 heroes circled around the back of the great salt palace.

There were no guards, but as they approached through the trees, the lifeless bodies of former sailors lay strewn about at the base of the great structure. Crystalline stairs led inside to a dimly light and seductive main room. The room was draped with fine linens and silks. A large table of delicious food was laid out. Braziers of flame surrounded the room and beds and cushions lined the outer crystalline walls. From within the wretched chamber came the lulling laughter of the sirens, and the loud guffaws of the seduced sailors who would soon become victims. Upon entering, the sight was horrific. Izera called out to his captain who was at the far end of the room lying on a large bed with several of the sirens around him. The sirens were tall, skinny, and awful. Their skin was paper white and silky. Most of them had no hair, but those that did it was black as night, and very greasy. Where their mouth should have been was nothing, just plated skin. But below their chin, on their neck was a wide crevasse that pulsed regularly as if it were breathing. When the sirens spoke, it was audible, but the crevasse did not move according to their words.

“No Izera! We have found paradise; we will not come with you. Come join us now you foolish man! We have found our queens, we shall never want again!” Sokuyo spoke, pleading with the captain, and Trel and Therin attempted to break some of the seduction spell held on the crewmen. The sirens became infuriated and rose. They commanded those resistant to their advances to depart. One of the sirens then leaned down to the sailor in her lap and giggled then began to kiss him. Shortly after it began, the man began to writhe and shake horrible. The visible portion of his soul was sucked out through his mouth and he fell lifeless. The siren then shot her ugly face at the heroes, she look rejuvenated and malicious. The captain was snapped out of it by the heroes persuading him and he drew his sword.

The heroes pulled their weapons and the White Siren’s stood to defend their salt palace, and disintegrate the souls of men.

XP Each: 1365 XP

-Negotiations with Alliance: 400 XP
-Assisting with Crops and Funerals: 200 XP
-Recruiting Best Artisans and apply best Ship upgrades: 700 XP
-Imbuing Ship with Enchantments: 625 XP
-Locating a Mediocre shipping Crew: 500 XP
-Weather the Storm: 1125 XP
-Find the Island of Beckoning: 545 XP

Total XP: 4095 XP

15,000gp from King Rostvani (used to purchase ship upgrades)
Battered Ship (Renamed in Log)



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