Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 3 - The City of Daemar


Jason (Quinn)
Courtney (Arken)
Necati (Sokuyo)
Trevor (Trel)
Tylor (DM)
Level: 2
It was in the cool night air, within the passage ways of the kobold cavern near Angrecca that our group fulfilled their first quest.  After heroically freeing two villagers, and defeating Ironfang and his kobold crew, our adventurers returned to Angrecca for a good night’s rest.  Sokuyo again preferred to stay at the village’s chapel, rather than an inn.  In the morning, Sokuyo arrived early and tried to rouse his companions.  They had all gotten in so late that they decided to sleep in, and Quinn even summoned his sword right out of Sokuyo’s hands while he was wandering around Quinn’s inn room.  Sokuyo bided time out on the docks offering a free service to the dock hands, helping them unload ships.  Shortly after, the crew  headed to the mayor’s.
Mayor Reckland was surprised to hear that the Kobold’s had been led by a Goblin.  He was even more surprised to learn that the man he had met with the day before, Zanhand, had been the one behind the bloodthirsty kobold band.  He rewarded them with gold and a magical dagger, and gave them a letter of recommendation in hopes to meet with a Noble of Vandromar that could lead them to Belkas.  Belkas is the man that Bhenn Lennock was to deliver the Orb to.  The adventurer’s paid a wagon fare, and set out towards Vandromar.  Nobby, the halfling rogue, parted ways with the group for a time, determined to wait around the cave entrance and see if he could track Zanhand should he return.
Some ways into the journey a woman was heard screaming for help a few hundred yards off the main road.  Somewhat reluctantly, the adventurer’s told the wagon master to wait while they investigated.  Rushing into the forest, Sokuyo, Quinn, and Trel arrived at a large ravine in a minute or two.  Arken was lagging behind.  The adventurers found a woman tied to a tree on the other side of the ravine, begging to be released before her captors returned.  The three raced across the ravine, but spotted enemies waiting behind the trees to ambush them.  Soon they were circled on both sides of the ravine.  Led by a dwarf, the brigands demanded the magical Orb from Quinn.  He told them he didn’t have it.  The Shadow Callers slew the woman, who turned out to be one of them in disguise.  A heroic, but quick battle ensued.  Quinn killed 6 of the 10 attackers while fighting them off with his arcane powers, and the might of his longsword, all while circling trees in the ravine.  He took three out in one mighty blow.  Sokuyo dismantled a few on the hill, but took a severe wound to his right arm from a crossbow bolt fired by the dwarf leader.  Trel, after recovering from a face plant, assisted Sokuyo. 
When Arken arrived a few seconds later, he was able to single handedly take out a nimble elf archer.  While the archer weaved in and out of trees, Arken charged and used brute strength.  In the end, Arken blasted away the tree that the elf was hiding behind, sending him flying, and sizzling from divine light on the way.  The dwarf leader began to flee into the woods, but Trel was too speedy.  He chased the dwarf, and got within range, slamming him against a tree with his telekinetic powers, slaying him.  While inspecting the bodies, the adventurers found some interesting features.  They all had tattoos of serpents on the inside wrist of their right arm.  On their necks, they had two button-like scars that looked like they had been bitten by fangs.  And in their belts they had tucked several black feathers.
The adventurer’s returned to the wagon mostly unscathed, while Sokuyo healed himself on the way.  Several hours later, and near nightfall, the wagon came into a large valley by the ocean and saw the impressive site of Vandromar.  They made it to the western gates by nightfall.  Arken spent the evening drinking some of the finest ale from his home region of Garadun.  Sokuyo found The Temple of the Sun and meditated freely.  In the early hours of the morning the sun rose and shined through the curious glass windows on the eastern side of the Temple.  Sokuyo was in awe as he saw shadows, and colored figures displayed on the floor of the Gods Pelor and Erathis defeating their enemies.  He rushed to find Arken, bursting into the inn and exclaiming, “Arken, I saw your God!”
Arken, a little disoriented finally came to his senses and visited the Temple with Sokuyo, after picking up some medicine from an apothecary cart on the way.  They learned from a junior priest that several of the senior priests were under Royal Hill attempting to cleanse ancient Bael Turath ruins of evil power.  Vandromar had been build upon the ancient capital of Bael Turath known as Vor Krogal.  Meanwhile, Quinn and Trel sought out a meeting with Lord Estan Cilazy, one of the six nobles of Vandromar under the King.  They met Sokuyo and Arken at the temple and then headed towards Lord Cilazy’s.
The arrived at his manor house in a large square in town, surrounded by a mini moat in the middle of the square.  Entering the large and elaborate manor, they were ushered into a room by guards, to wait for the noble.  When Lord Estan entered, he was a sight to see.  He décor was pompous and flowery, with dark reds, pouf pants, and a sideways cap.  He wore a squinting expression, and was missing his left pinky finger.  The adventurers attempted to reason with him for some time, and offended him several times.  He clearly had a distaste for dwarves.  In the end, he sentenced Arken to several nights in prison, and confiscated all his belongings.  However, from some impressive persuasion from Sokuyo, the group was able to reduce their friend’s sentence to only one night, and recover his belongings.  They made an agreement to purify the ancient ritual rooms beneath Royal Hill in exchange for this favor, which Lord Estan would claim as his own accomplishment to gain favor with the king.  
During Arken’s stay in Stonewall Prison he learned The Shadow Caller’s were a clandestine organization responsible for most of the crime in Vandromar.  He also learned they were mostly worshippers of Zehir, the deity of poisons, secrecy, and snakes.  The group ventured deep into the darkened and cursed Royal Hill, which was deeper beyond where the prison was.  After a half hour of descent, they arrived at a large camp of priests.  The priests had been here a few days purifying rooms, and had recently unsealed three passageways that they were pretty confident led to the main Ritual Room which needed cleansing.  The group met Father Hargrim Riverwade, who led a blessing of Moradin on all of them, Arken excluded.  He also commissioned them to cleanse all 3 passages and retrieve some historical books for them, for which he would reward them well.  They began with the third passage, the one with the hint of the most Arcane powers.
After further descent they arrived in medium size room housing a single casket of an ancient Bael Turath mage.  The door on the opposite side was sealed with magic.  Quinn, knowing the casket contained something to open the door, unsealed it.  Immediately the group was spread across the room and separated by plasma-like magical walls.  Visions of their comrades being torn apart in different sections of the room assaulted their eyes and they hurried to destroy the magical power.  The room seemed to be attacking them with arcane magic, but they quickly destroyed the magic and retrieved a magical symbol from the casket.  When opening the door on the far side of the room, a dense darkness seemed to emanate from it.  They all rushed through at once and nearly fell off an endless chasm on the other side of the door, but the dwarf who ran first stood fast.
Now before them stands a room of considerable size.  They are on a very small ledge with an endless drop below and an endless height above.  On the far side of a room is another ledge in an endless wall with a door.  Ropes with seemingly no end hang, and look to be the only way to swing across the chasm.  And a single glowing orb pulses and floats in the middle of the chasm’s darkness. 

Misc. Weapons
Dislocation Dagger for Nobby
Arcane Dust (+2 to next Arcana Check)
Father Hargrim’s Blessing

XP for Each: 408
Defeated Brigands on Road: 548 XP
Exploration (Reaching Vandromar): 25 XP
Interacting with City: 200 XP (Downing Ale, Exploration of Temple, Apothecary, Appt. with Lord Estan, Interaction at Temple of the Sun, etc.)
Lord Estan Skill Challenge: 250 XP
Softening Arken’s Sentence: 31 XP
Enduring a Night in Prison: 31 XP
Learning more about The Shadow Callers: 75 XP
Reaching Priest’s camp and accepting Father Hargrim Riverwade’s Blessing: 100 XP
Arcane Casket Skill Challenge: 375 XP

Total XP: 1,635



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