Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 31 - The Paragons

The Paragons


This is an introductory excerpt into our Paragon tier summarizing many adventures that have taken place since Nobby the Rogue made his departure after the confrontation with The Mask of the Unforseen Suitor.  While not all details are included, the major events of our characters and the course of their travels are outlined below…




…Nobby the Rogue parted ways with the adventuring party after finally overcoming his greatest temptation of monetary value.  With his deformed and broken figure, but raised spirits he told the adventurers it was time he returned to The Family in Vandromar, because he then knew where his heart was.  The adventurers spent a short amount of time in the small village purging it of corruption and saving the villagers from the violent transformations that were taking place.


In the moist forest of the region of Feliwyth the adventurers pressed on towards the great city of Talthuathin.  Another days journey with a caravan of merchants led them to its realms.  The Larhim Elewen, or Forest Mother, stood over the city.  It’s massive branches and miles of circumference trunk rise above the beautiful city.  But when the adventurers arrived, the city was not so.  A demonic assault had begun on the city.  Flames burst on buildings, and demons swarming the city streets were slaying city folk.  The Starlight Blade, the city’s guard, were fighting hard to preserve as many people as they could, and organize themselves in the Citadel to wait until the army of Talthuathin had returned from aiding in the War of Expansion.


The heroes spotted multiple rifts scattered across the city letting in the demons and devils from the Nine Hells.  They even saw the legendary demon Demogorgon present, before he departed through a rift.  Within a day the heroes had allied with the Starlight Blade, fought through the city to recover Emperor Therond Duliel, and returned him with the citadel.  There, Dekran, Trel, Sokuyo, Therin, and Krisatra gained access to the feywildthrough a portal that the Emperor was able to activate.


The Feywild


The Feywild was a magnificent place for the heroes.  The colors, plants, light, and weather all proved very distinct and powerful, infused with Arcaneenergy.  The animals around them even behaved differently.  The heroes, having no bearing on their location began traveling through the brilliant forest nearby.  There Dekran nearly lost his life falling from a massive cliff, but was saved by a quick spell from Krisatra.  The first humanoids the party encountered were an orphaned group of Eladrin children.  The children were under an evil spell that empowered them like small vampires.  The children were ferocious and deadly and very creepy.


The party advanced into a cave to find the Eladrin man responsible.  It was within this cave that the tieflingwarlock, Therin, lost his life to the blade of one of these demonic children.  Their reflexes were so quick that when Therin teleported too close to one, the child buried a blade in Therin’sskull.  The party mourned, buried the body, and proceeded to find and kill the man responsible, Jarelic.


They slew Jarelic and broke the spell on the children, though the lives of the children were short lived.


In this cave, the party also found a goliath woman and a half-orc man entombed in some sort of experimental chamber.  The chamber had induced some kind of amnesia so they did not know how long they had been there.


Passing through another portal the adventurers ended up outside a drowfort in a snow location in the feywild.  After some poor negotiations, and a poor knowledge of the drow race, a shady deal was made to bring the surviving Eladrin children to the fort.  When Dekran recognized the Drow as evil, he made a break for it.  The drowrained down arrows upon Dekran and the newly found goliath woman.  She shielded them both as best she could but took an arrow to the heart and fell fatally to the snow.


The party was able to escape with some clever magic from Krisatra and Trel, and the next morning headed towards a pillared golden city in the distance.  Inside the city was an Eladrinpopulation ruled over by a city lord.  They were very militant, and were in search of a fallen city Cendrianne.  The party had no interest in their endeavors, but were able to release a few prisoners that were to lead them toTiandra, the Archfey of the feywild.


They parted departed north and traveled for a few days until they reached the forest of Senaliesse.  In this forest they located the city of Senaliesse, and the beautiful Eladrinmaiden, Archfey Tiandra.  She seemed inquisitive of mortals, and dangerously powerful.  She explained her plight to them about the Archfey lords of the sea, the Alastais, had not shown up to her recent Court of the Stars.  She was quite offended and wanted to find out why they did not come, petitioning the adventurers to help them.  In exchange, she would help them with their quest to find this corrupted heart of Tharizdun.


The heroes paid for passage on a gnomish ship, but encountered a violent storm in the sea which capsized the ship and nearly killed everyone on board.  They were rescued a couple days later floating, by a fishing ship passing through.  They were led to the island that the Alastais resided on, and the Atlantis-like city beneath the water.  There they learned the Alastais had felt betrayed by Tiandra.  They thought her, or one of the other Archfey had corrupted the power source they were charged with protecting.


Gravica is a city in the mortal realm in the center of the ocean.  It is mainly the city of the Deva’s but was created for all refined, civilized, but discarded races of the world to band together.  It is a city of towers, situated between two mountain peaks and a lake, on a massive mote of land floating above the ocean.  Rivers run upwards from the ocean to the land mote and region entrance.  While none of the adventurers had been there, they knew of it.  Here they learned that the magic source that suspended the city was housed in the feywild, and the Alastaiswere charged with operating it and protecting it.  The source had been corrupted.


The heroes deduced it was from the heart of Tharizdun, and that the heart had fused with the power source.  Accompanied by a Deva named Drenden Heather, the told them of an ancient amulet that would unlock a portal directly into Gravica in the mortal realm.  From there they could gain direct access to another portal that led immediately to the power source.  A lot of realm transferring, but the fate of the city in their hands, the heroes set out for the ancient heirloom amulet.


In the sunken temple, they learned Drenden Heather was actually a Rakshasa, a reborn evil Deva, in disguise.  He locked them in the entrance chamber of the temple, and proceeded further to find the amulet himself.


The beautiful chamber has statues, runes on a arcane miasma above their heads holding out the ocean, and small constant flowing rivers.  They are puzzled as how to proceed, and when time is of the essence are doing all they can to unlock the next chamber to recover the amulet before Drendenescapes…




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