Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 5 - Dust and Flesh


Necati (Sokuyo – Human Monk)
Trevor (Trel – Human Psion)
Jason (Quinn – Human Swordmage)
Courtney (Arken – Dwarf Cleric)
Michael (Nobby – Halfling Rogue)
Tylor (DM)
Level: 3
…Slipping into the darkness of the crumbled underground museum the three humans and the dwarf had their weapons drawn as they maneuvered through the crumbled ruins and rocks.  Arriving at a staircase on the far side of the room, they began to climb in single file.  At the top was a crumbled display case area, with several display cases still standing after the many years unattended.  Suddenly before them a massive spider dropped down from the webs above, fangs dripping with saliva and venom.  Its many legs were covered in a thick brown hair and its body was the size of a small horse.  In the distance behind it, a swarm of smaller spiders came rushing out of the webs in the corner and swarming over ever thing in their wake, headed straight for the adventurers.  A ferocious battle ensued. 
Quinn was overwhelmed with the swarm being dragged to the ground and having his flesh ripped off him by thousands of tiny spiders, unable to defend his friends.  From farther in the dark recesses of the room two other large spiders came darting into the fray.  Trel psychically yanked one of them off the ledge to even the playing field.  Sokuyo fought one hand to hand and eventually shoved it off the ledge and jumped down to fight it below.  Arken rushed to the aid of Quinn.  The human and the dwarf fought off the swarm with the combination of divine and arcane magic, searing the bloodthirsty animals.  Below Trel administered severe blows with his psychic hammer but was eventually severely wounded by the poison from the spiders fangs.  Arken was healing intensely and rushed to the aid of Trel, healing him just in time.  Trel leapt from the ground, dashed behind Arken, and delivered the killing blow to the spider.  Sokuyo continued to deliver painful blows to the spiders bodies.  Quinn, who had been swarmed several times was able to fight off the swarm in the end.
Severely wounded, the group had come near to death during this fight.  But they successfully recovered the book.  Finding a hidden staircase they returned to the Priest’s camp weary, and in bad shape.  However, Arken was able to address most of their wounds while in the deep caverns.
Upon entering the Priest’s camp, a commotion was going on at the other side of the room.  A crowned man was being escorted by guards and was speaking with Ecetti Runegold. 
“It looks like the King,” Sokuyo told the others.  The Priest’s suddenly noticed the adventurers return and their attention turned.  Several began attending the wounds of the injured heroes and led them to a campfire area in the middle of the larger camp.  Nobby, the Halfling was amongst the Priest’s and rushed to see his friends as well.  The group reunited sat to rest and report their findings to the Priests.  Hearing about the family that was still trapped, several priests rushed off to recover them immediately. 
The crowned man stepped into the circle and addressed the wounded heroes.
“I cannot thank you enough for the service you are rendering to Vandromar.  The King has been troubled about these ruins for some time.”
“Well we aren’t finished, we still have one more passage way to cleanse,” Quinn responded.
“I fear there are many more,” continued the crowned man, “The Priest’s are uncovering several more by the day.  The good news is that Father Riverwade tells me you have descended into the most corrupt of all the chambers and cleansed the main Ritual Room.  For this we give you our deepest gratitude.”
“And who are you?” Arken asked a little brashly.
“Forgive me for not introducing myself.  I am Prince Darcaryn Rostvani, one of the King’s sons.  He sent me here today to check on the status of the cleansing.  Is there anything else I can do for you all to make you more comfortable?”
“Well we believe there is an assassination attempt on the King, and the Shadow Callers are behind it,” Quinn boldly responded.   Immediately there was an outburst of whispering amongst the Priests and the Prince looked troubled. In a quiet voice he said to the group,
“Please, please, not here.”
Quinn continued, “We need to meet with the head of the King’s guard and tell the king of this attempt immediately.”
“Certainly.  I shall arrange for you to have a meeting with Belkas in a few days time, and I will see about getting you in with the King as promptly as I can.  I thank you again for everything you are doing.”  And with that he was off.
The group rested for the night, waited on by the Priest’s.  They turned the books they had found over to Father Riverwade, and made sure to do it in front of several others.  A bard attempted to sing to them, but Arken ordered him off as they were all exhausted.  In the morning they woke to the smell of fresh bacon and other meats being cooked.  A large meal followed before they headed into the third and final passageway, sealed by necromantic magic.  The Priest’s clapped and cheered for the heroes as they again pressed forward into the evil darkness.
At the end of a long passage Nobby caught sight of about ten animated skeletons roaming a small circular chamber.  Unfortunately he snapped an old bone under his feet and alerted them.  He stayed in this higher position and began raining down crossbow bolts on the skeletons.  Quinn rushed into the heat of the action and fought off several from on top of a crumbled staircase.  Trel arrived and immediately smashed two of them to pieces with the force of his psychic hammer.  As soon as the skeletons began to fall, the necrotic dust swirling around their bodies began to fill the chamber and obscure vision.
One skeleton came charging at Sokuyo with a sword raised, but was instantly teleported by Quinn behind another skeleton and struck his ally.  The skeleton furious turned around to strike back, but they were both soon obliterated by the group.  Arken’s divine light could be seen searing through the dusts.
The group stacked the empty caskets to craft a makeshift bridge to reach one of the higher rooms that was emanating a faint blue glow.  Upon entering the room, the sight was horrific.  Zombies at the other end were eating the flesh of a fallen human.  Two began staggering towards the adventurers, while a zombie hound rushed towards them.  One of the animated corpses began ripping off pieces of his own flesh and hurling them at Quinn.  The necrotic flesh was seeping into his already open spider bite wounds, even though most of them had been healed.  Sokuyo rushed to the other side of the room and began fighting the corpse and the hound.  When the hound was slain by Arken’s divine light, it immediately bit Sokuyo on the leg and its jaws locked shut as they both fell to the ground. Nobby stood perched on some fallen rocks firing crossbows into the squishy corpse bodies.  Quinn was grabbed by one, while another tried to slam into him.
In all the battles, the group seemed a little disorganized and fighting their own monsters. Quinn being strangled in the corner was able to fight off two zombies alone.  When the corpse flinging portions of himself was killed, he exploded in a deluge of necrotic flesh, spattering the adventurers around him.  The group inspected the body that they had been feasting on.  It had been a Shadow Caller and was carrying a large amount of gold and silver on his person. 
They proceeded into a room to the south.  Inside looked like another form of torture and ritual room.  A bubbling blood bath was at the bottom of a blood funnel.  Arken discovered by bathing in the blood one would gain extra power, with adverse side affects.  The group decided against it and instead purified the pool.
Entering the room to the north they found several walls, and a much larger room with a broken stone table.  On a pedestal at the far side was a book. But there were also some ghouls feasting on another body.  These ghouls were much quicker than the other undead they had faced so far.  Racing across the room with blood thirst in their eyes, and blood dripping from their fangs, they began clawing at the adventurers while standing on the broken table.  A disorganized fight followed.  Sokuyo fought the skeleton on the far side of the room, and was soon after struck down by a ghoul and began bleeding to death.  Fortunately, Trel stood in the corner facilitating the positioning of the fight, and he moved the ghoul away from Sokuyo’s unconscious body.  Quinn was locked in close combat and Arken was searing the ghoul’s with divine light.  Things were going poorly, when suddenly a wraith washed through Trel’s body.
He was weakened by the wraith and had horrific visions of himself on a torture table being beaten.  When the wraith passed through Quinn he had awful visions of his mother Krisatra Arroway being raped in a dark room.  Being filled with rage, the group hacked away at the ghouls and struggled to dismantle the insubstantial wraith.  Focusing all their energies, they slew it in the middle of the room.  Exhausted, and battle-worn, they were thankful that the third book they were seeking was on the pedestal in the corner.  Relieved to be done with this evil chamber, the group sheathed their weapons and started their climb back to the Priest’s camp above.
XP Each: 885
Spider/Swarm Encounter: 825 XP
Prince Darcaryn Rostvani Improvisation: 65 XP
Skeleton Encounter: 600 XP
Flesh Eating Zombies: 700 XP
Purifying Blood Pool: 31 XP
Ghouls and Wraiths: 800
Completing Bael Turath Ritual Room Quest AND collecting all 3 books: 1200 XP
Total XP: 4,221
-Art Sculpture of Bael Turath Leader (Worth 260 gp)
-330 Gold
-500 Silver



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