Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 8 - Into the Swamps


Courtney (Arken)
Necati (Sokuyo)
Michael (Nobby)
Trevor (Trel)
Dan (Riarden)
Tylor (DM)
Level: 4

The session began with a secondary vignette continued from last session:
Tensions were high as Cyrus accused the Halfling of bringing such violating darkness into the Sanctum of the Bela’Thim.  Sokuyo immediately defended his small friend, saying it was neither his intention or his doing.  Lady Itolael diffused much of the tension, and mourned the loss of her fallen comrades.  The group helped move the bodies to her chambers and went to sleep for another restless night.  In the morning a funeral service was held for the fallen Bela’Thim amidst a peculiar but beautiful snowfall.  Then the Lady hosted the adventurers for a farewell breakfast.  During this breakfast they learned many things concerning their Theuls and the threat at hand.
They learned from her much about The Chained God and a brief mentioning of the legend of the Six Hearts.
The Chained God is credited for the birth of the Abyss.  In the earliest days of creation, even before the gods and primordials began their terrible war, one god was not content with sharing power – he wanted absolute control over the nascent universe.  This god, whose name is spoken only in panicked whispers, sought a source of power he could use to gain total dominion over the unfolding realms of creation.  Somewhere in the infinite expanse of space, he found the weapon he sought in the form of a tiny shard of utter evil.
The touch of the shard drove this god to madness, corrupting him so completely that he was no longer recognizable as his former self.  Nevertheless, he carried the crystalline fragment into the depths of the universe – into the lowest reaches of the primordial vastness that would one day become the Elemental Chaos – and planted it there.
Evil took root like a foul seed of corruption, burrowing deep into the unshaped matter of the Elemental Chaos and spreading unholy tendrils far and wide.  A yawning chasm of infinite gloom and despair opened up at the lowest pit of creation, swallowing all matter and light, defiling anything that drew near.  The Abyss was born.
The evil of the Abyss corrupted eveen some of the mighty primordials and reshaped them into the likeness of pure destructive evil.  The mad god hoped to wield these demonic princes as weapons in his war of conquest, but they would not bend to his will or any but their own.  So he left the Abyss and marshaled other elemental forces in his bid for domination, but the other gods over came him, chaining him forever in a secret place known only to them.  Now he is called the Chained God, or by his demented followers, the Elder Elemental Eye.  His only desire is to escape his prison, and he rarely spares a thought for the realm he inadvertently created.
Arken knew the true name of this god was Tharizdun, though rarely spoken by his followers, he is also known as Anathema.  Lady Itolael informed them Krisatra Arroway knew much more about the legend of the Six Hearts and finding her would be pertinent to their quests.
Quinn learned much about his mother and her studies in the sanctum.  He also learned what the scar was on his hand, a gift mark that was manifested in some of the powerful arcane weilders. 
The group prepared to depart from their week-long stay with the Bela’Thim.  The morning was rainy and overcast, and they headed out towards the forests on the far side of the valley.  The storm began to pick up during their travels but they reached the forest before nightfall.  However, the storm began to rage even more furiously so the heroes made quick work of finding and making shelter.  Quinn and Arken located a small cave near an overhang in a cliff.  Sokuyo and Mai’Kai crafted a moveable shelter and it was placed in front of the cave to give them protection for the night. 
During the fourth watch of the night all were asleep except for Trel who was keeping watch, and Sokuyo who was meditating.  Suddenly they heard the sound of twigs being cracked, whispered voices, and something being dragged along the ground.  They woke the rest, and Nobby snuck into the forest and climbed a tree.  The group surprised two half-orcs bringing back a bear from their early hunt.  They used the cave as a midway storing place on their way back to their tribe.  The group fed the two half-orcs and sent them on their way.  Just before they were ready to start traveling again, another traveling crossed their path.  It was Riarden, a wizard student from the Sanctum of the Bela’Thim traveling towards the swamps to do some alchemical research on various plants.  He came with a gift from Lady Itolael – a scalebane crossbow that was particularly harmful to reptilian creatures.
The next day The Shadow Slayers headed up between the two peaks that would lead them to the swamps on the southern side of The Misty Heights.  Traveling through a lot of switchbacks and moutainous walls, they eventually came to a small pass between the overlapping walls.  Traveling through high grass, and nearing a boulder field they heard the sound of hissing and clicking.  They tried to remain low and quiet as they passed the boulders, but a blood thirsty hive of Kruthiks came rushing out to thwart their progress.  Sokuyo had an idea to cause a rock slide on top of the Kruthiks, but the rest of the group was in the way so he stayed on the boulders fighting off two Kruthiks on his own.  Riarden blasted several with various elements, cold, lighting, and fire.  Trel kept the Kruthiks back from swarming them in the high grass, and Nobby shot several with his crossbow.  Arken was busy blasting divine light and healing his comrades.
When most of the Kruthiks were dead, a few tried to scurry back into their hive, but the Shadow Slayers would not let them escape, and they slew the last of them before continuing on their journey. They made it to the south of the mountain range and saw an impressive sight before them.  The sun was setting behind the dense fog over the humid swamps far below the mountain range.  The group used what sunlight was left to travel further down the pass.
In the morning they had to make a decision whether to travel to the east and enter the swamps by boat, continue straight down but be in dense jungle, or follow a ridgeline to the southwest that extended further into the swamps, but was in the thick of the jungle.  After a vote, they chose the ridgeline.  Another long day of traveling, and didn’t quite make it into the swamps.  In the morning, Sokuyo, Trel, and Nobby woke with fevers, feeling a little ill.  Arken diagnosed them as having swamp fever, but they continued into the swamps nevertheless.
After traveling for hours in the thick of the jungle growth, and skipping from bog to bog, and untimely event occurred.  Quinn, Trel, and Nobby were suddenly snatched up in a massive net and hung dangling in the air.  The others rushed forward to help them.  Nobby tried to cut the ropes but was immediately shot in the arm by a blow dart that began to make him feel drowsy.  The group new a threat was around them, and they immediately prepared for a fight.  Riarden blasted flames at the top of the net and it dropped the three captured heroes to the ground.  At that moment, The Shadow Slayers were surrounded by a tribe of Lizardfolk, all covered in black scales.  Four lizardfolk brutes with massive clubs surrounded them, and darters were dashing in and out of brush.  They warned the heroes not to resist, but they did.
A heroic battle followed.  Riarden instantly blasted one away with a critical frost shot, bursting the beasts head  (rolling two 20’s in a row!).  Nobby got knocked out for a few seconds from another dart but quickly recovered.  He woke midway through the fight and shot one of the large beasts that Sokuyo was holding off, the magical burst from his new crossbow dissolving the scales on his flesh.  Arken and Sokuyo stood back to back continuously getting slammed into each other by the large clubs.  Trel remained on the ground in the net dodge spear attacks from two smaller lizard folk.  Then he blasted them back, and through a force punch at one of the huge lizardfolk, instantly crushing his chest cavity and instantly killing him.
The heroes decimated the seemingly overwhelming numbers in a matter of seconds, and sent a few of the darters fleeing into the jungle.  They found peculiar gloves and vambraces in the satchels of the fallen beasts. Sokuyo obtained crystal arm bands that had purple mineral veins running through them, that glowed when he put them on. Trel obtained heavily armored gloves that seemed to channel energy into his psionic powers.  The blackscales were wearing peculiar necklaces of shackles connected by chains.  Nobby fasted two of them to be handcuffs for later use.
XP Each: 677
Roleplay with Half-Orcs: 100 XP
Kruthik Fight: 1136 XP
Amazing Lizardfolk Fight: 2150 XP
Total XP: 3386 XP
Scalebane Hand Crossbow
Mindiron Vambraces




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