Celysion - The Looming Darkness

Episode 9 - The Koy'luka


Courtney (Arken)
Michael (Nobby)
Jason (Quinn)
Necati (Sokuyo)
Kristy (Mai’Kaia)
Tylor (DM)
Level: 4

Gathering their wits and finally freeing Quinn and Trel from the large net, the party regrouped as the remaining Blackscales fled into the jungle. Healing up their wounds, and glad they held so strongly together they pressed further into the swamps. They came to a small land rising and set up camp for the night. Sokuyo spend several hours building a canoe long enough to fit all of them. It was at this camp that Riarden bid the group farewell and set off in search of his plants. Mai’Kaia patrolled the perimeter. The night passed uneventfully except towards morning the Blackscales came looking for them, but the party remained hidden.

In the morning the adventurers came to a decision point again. The swamp split into two different landscapes. The one to the southwest held bogs and clustered muddy land, while the one to the southeast was mostly water in sparse trees and growth. After building the canoe the group boarded it and set off through the still water. Someway into their journey the structure of the canoe could no longer support the weight of the party and cracked in the middle. Dirty swamp water began flooding the boat! The adventurers quickly anchored the boat to a tree and climbed on some branches while Nobby went to work repairing it. It took him some time, but he patched it up and they scooped the water out and continued onward.

As day was getting closer to night they saw up ahead a barricade of pikes rising out of the water. Beyond the pikes was a small village mostly composed of canvas huts suspended over the water and connected by rope bridges. Along the rope bridges and in the circle huts were a tribe of lizardfolk people that were much smaller, and greener, than the others they had run into the previous day. Nobby and Mai’Kaia took to the trees to attempt to approach stealthily. Mai’Kaia discovered a land entrance with a gate on the far side of the camp.

Meanwhile Nobby was drawing ever closer to the palisades but was spotted swinging through the trees. Two lizardfolk guards began yelling at him in draconic but not knowing their language he was unable to respond. They alerted the other patrols and soon lizardfolk were swimming through the water towards him circling the tree below him. He pulled out an apple from his pack and in true Nobby fashion offered to sell it to them in the common tongue. Clearly they did not accept the offer. The party began approaching seeing what was happening. Sokuyo, speaking their language, called out to the lizardfolk to not harm their friend.

The lizardfolk captain, a tall and muscular specimen, introduced himself as Zwamakwi and asked the adventurers if they were friends of the Witch Priestess. He then asked if they were allies to the Anagotti tribe, both of which they declined. He said their chieftain would be interested in meeting them and allowed them to come inside the village. The chieftain lived at the top of a hut that climbed two trees in the center part of the village. It was positioned on a body of land. His name was Gazzok Ut, and he welcomed them to the village, calling themselves The Koy’luka.

Gazzok explained the situation of his tribe to them. They were in the middle of a tribal war between The Koy’luka and the Anagotti. While the Blackscales occasionally invaded, they were a fringe group that he referred to as psychotic. The Anagotti and Koy’luka shared rights over a magical well known as “Melora’s Well” that supposedly had a primal connection to nature. The two tribes took turns using the well, but recently the Anagotti attacked the Koy’luka for no reason known to the Chief, so the Koy’luka have waged a tribal war and are protecting the well. The well has become corrupted and desecrated, and they believe it was the Anagotti who did so. The group asked if he knew anything about Prince Darcaryn Rostvani passing through the area and he said he knew there were other humans with the Anagotti tribe. He then took them to see the Nature Priestess, AKA Witch Doctor, he kept referring to.

They arrived a small hut covered in hides. When Zwamakwi knocked on the door, a woman’s voiced called for them to enter. Quinn entered the hut first followed by his comrades. On the far side stood a woman pouring over tomes and magical herbs and plants. She wore a tattered robe, and several leather bands and bracelets – clearly gifts of the Koy’luka. As she turned around Quinn was shocked to find himself face to face with his mother, Krisatra Arroway, whom he presumed to be dead for almost thirty years. She rushed forward and embraced him, weeping in his arms. In shock he remained silent and hugged her back as the hut slowly filled with the adventurers. After some time she pulled back examining his face, eager to inspect him, and see the man he had grown in to. Soon her eyes began to scan the other faces in the room. Suddenly her eyes caught with Trel’s, and hers filled with horror. She let out a blood curdling scream and threw her face into Quinn’s chest. The trauma suddenly inflicted upon her caused her to pass out, and put her in a self-inflicted coma. After inspecting her, Quinn discovered with the help of the lizardfolk ritualist, that this was her way of protecting her mind. The party would have to search for a flower called Carbusha in the nearby swamps to create a paste to bring her out of it.

After tracking through several hours through the swamps the party came upon some Harpies that were sitting around a decaying log. The bright pink Carbusha flower was growing out of the log, and the harpies kept tasting it, and singing sweet melodies. Nobby snuck around back and waited in the nearby brush. Some of the party attempted to negotiate with the harpies but they were hostile. A violent battle ensued. The group did not check the area before hand, and Quinn while rushing towards the harpies was surprised but a stealthy crocodile, clamped in his jaws. But he quickly teleported out of the croc’s mouth and disappeared from sight. Mai’Kaia, Sokuyo, and Quinn stood side by side fighting most of the harpies while Nobby stayed in the brush firing crossbow bolts at them. Arken took up the rear and slew the crocodile on his own, hoping to make himself a pair of boots.

The harpies sang beautiful songs and entranced their enemies drawing them closer and raking them with their claws. Quinn tried to release the power of Levuelas Avai, his swordmage scar, and blasted himself, his allies, and his enemies back away from each other right in the middle of the swamp. Sokuyo heroically tore the arms from two of the fragile harpies, quickly putting an end to their songs. The adventurers made quick work of the harpies, retrieved their flower, and returned to the camp.

Quinn created a paste out of the flower and administered it to his mother, reviving her from her coma. She apologized, said she needed rest, and would meet them at the tribal dinner that evening. The Koy’luka threw a mad party, roasting crocodile and dancing. The Chief then spoke of the coming war, and the need to defend themselves against the barbaric Anagotti. However, Krisatra later told them the Anagotti were a good people and urged the party to help resolved the feud between the two tribes. She sat them down in her tent after the festivities came to a close, and prepared to explain herself to Quinn and his friends, all about her disappearance and feigned death over the past 27 years.

XP Each: 393
-Evading Blackscales, Making Boat: 200 XP
-Repairing Boat: 40 XP
-Discovering Koy’luka tribe: 100 XP
-Negotiating, and not starting war with Koy’luka: 300 XP
-Finding Krisatra Arroway Alive: 400 XP
-Harpies at Carbusha Flower: 925 XP

Total XP: 1965 XP




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