Ancient Court of Powerful Mages


Lady Itolael
An Eladrin Sorceress, and the head of the Bela’Thim. She welcomed the group to the Sanctum and encouraged all the adventurers to receive their Theul. She was present in the battle when the demonic rift opened after the Theul’s were complete. She tried to protect her comrades in her weakened state, but two of them fell.

A human mage and member of the Bela’Thim. He taught you the rituals needed to receive your Theul. He was killed by Legion Devil’s in the Sanctum during your fight with them.

A Dwarf Mage, and member of the Bela’Thim.

Human Warlock, member of the Bela’Thim. Killed by Legion Devil’s during the tower fight.

Half-elf Seer who did not like the presence of the adventurer’s at the Sanctum. He said their presence would only bring trouble.

An eladrin swordmage, member of the Bela’Thim. He remembered Krisatra Arroway when she came through years ago. Studied with Quinn for a time and helped with his ritual preparations.


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