Estan Cilazy

Pompous Noble of Vandromar


Lord Estan Cilazy is one of the six noble lords in Vandromar under the jurisdiction of King Toma Rostvani.  He is a young and pompous man.  He stands about 5’6” tall, has a black mustache and goatee and long hair that he usually wears under a pouf hat.  He dons traditional renaissance style clothing for a noble, all the way to his several rings on his fingers.  He has a natural squint, a higher voice, and is missing his left pinky.  During the first run in with the party he had Arken thrown in prison for good measure, as he is racist against dwarves (and potentially any smaller people).  He commissioned the adventurers to purify the ancient Bael Turath Ritual Room beneath Royal Hill in exchange for a meeting with Belkas, Head of the King’s Guard.


Estan Cilazy

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