Koy'luka Chieftain


Large, green-scaled lizardfolk male. Adorned with leather armor, and bright golden necklaces. Several piercings are on his head and face, and he wears many trinkets around his scaly arms and wrists.


Gazzok-Ut is the large lizardfolk Chieftain of the Koy’luka Tribe in the Dreadwater swamps. He resides in the center of their picketed camp in a circular hut built above ground around a large tree. He welcomes the adventures and asked for their help in purifying the Well of Melora. He asked them to recover the Shard of Melora in an ancient temple to purify the well. He was formerly bitter with the Anagotti tribe, but has since then mended their discord by the heroics of The Shadow Slayers. The two tribes are now friendly allies.


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