Ilario Rostvani

Deceased Prince of Vandromar


Ilario is the oldest son of King Toma Rostvani. A human. His younger brother is Darcaryn Rostvani. He left Vandromar about a year ago with ten of his friends in search of a rumored magical well to the southwest in the Dreadwater swamps. The King wants the group to find him and bring him back. He is quite taken with fantastic tales, and is fascinated by magical artifacts or locations. Terulai Haaken revealed that Ilario was not as devout a worshipper to Erathis as his father is.

Ilario was found dead within the Ziggurat in the Dreadwater swamps. When the Shadow Slayers came upon him, it appeared as if he had been searching for ‘The Corrupted Stone’. His body has been preserved and plans to be returned to his father, the king, in Vandromar are underway.

Ilario Rostvani

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