Krisatra Arroway

Mother of Quinn and Trel


She stands between 5 and 6 feet tall. A human In her early 50’s she has maintained an element of her former beauty. She is an attractive older woman, with slightly graying hair. Slender near the waist, she is usually dressed in dimly colored robes- quite different than her earlier attire. She has soft, but heavy eyes, and a smile that has lost much of her former youth. Though beautiful- she has seen much, and has much ahead of her.


Krisatra is a woman of virtue and sacrifice. The latter portion of her life has been strikingly difficult and clandestine. She is the mother of Quinn Arroway, and the man known only as Trel – two of the adventurers in The Shadow Slayers.

In her young years of life she married a gruff human man named Zanarry. She was of noble descent, her father acted as an advisor to the previous king of Vandromar. After her marriage her and Zanarry undertook a pilgrimage to the Felwythian region. They settled in a large manor some ways out of the city Talthuathin. She contributed much to the Arcane Universities in the city, and specialized in alchemical and Arcanic combinations. During this time she gave birth to her first son, Quinn.

When Quinn was around six years old, Krisatra was visited by psychotic agents of the evil deity Tharizdun. They were threatening and pressuring her into assisting them in some form of protective ritual for an artifact of The Chained God. She refused, and rather than killing her they visited her multiple times over the following year harassing and threatening her. When they first made attempts on the life of her family she knew she must act to protect them. She staged an explosion at her manor, faking her own death. This sent Zanarry and her own son into fleeing solitude, believing their wife and mother was dead.

She spent the next twenty years in the Feywild. She traveled in secret from enclave to enclave of elves and Eladrin, always in disguise. One evening Shortly after her departure from her family she was brutally beaten and raped. She was left for
dead. She was rescued and nurtured back to health by a traveling enclave of elven Corellon worshippers. She converted to their faith and gained a new respect for life. Nine months later she have birth to a bastard child, whom she could not bring herself to raise. She sent him away to an orphanage. 25 years later she met him again face to face, seeing her two sons on the same day as they found her in the midst of the Dreadwater swamps. Known only as Trel, this man felt betrayed by his biological mother. She has since tried to make amends.

After recovering fully she began searching for answers about
This secret and insane deity known as Tharizdun. She discovered much about him, his psychotic followers, and his extra-planar prison he was eternally bound to by Gods and Promordials alike. As the creator of
The demonic Abyss, he longs to escape and destroy the heavens, the elemental chaos, and the world of Celysion itself. Over the millennia since his imprisonment he has successfully bound six hearts to the material realm that infinitely beat, funneling power to him to break his chains. Known to very few, and only
Myth and legend to most, Krisatra set out to find one of the six hearts. The rumor of one in the Dreadwater Swamps led her there, where she lived with the Koy’luka tribe for sometime before reuniting unexpectedly with her two lost sons.

Krisatra Arroway

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