Koy'luka Warrior


A brutish, and primal lizardfolk who belongs to the Koy’luka tribe. He wears thick leather armor over his rough scales and carries a large trident as a weapon.


Zwamakwi is the militia leader of the Koy’luka an right hand man of Chieftain Gazzok-Ut. He wa wary of the adventurers at first, but gave them his trust as soon as his Chieftain did. He is a loyal lizardfolk, and was fiercely passionate about the purification of the Well of Melora. He almost lost his life defending the well alongside the Shadow Slayers, and was the only lizardfolk brave enough to take the heroes to where the Shard of Melora was located, believing strongly in their ability to help the Koy’luka efforts. He proved a reliable and loyal ally after their short stay among his tribe.


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