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Celysion is a world in recovery. The great human empires have fallen in the last hundred years or so and the world is in ruin. Only a few beacons of light stand throughout the world: Vandromar – a Human stronghold in the region of Daemar, Talthuathin, an Eladrin and Elven stronghold in the region of Feliwyth, and the region of Garadun has several scattered Dwarven settlements. While these races are found mingling freely with one another across the regions, much is left undiscovered about the peoples and creatures of the world. Civilization and economy are in their infancies, while the whole world is rebuilding from the ground up.

But in its weakened state, Celyision has a looming darkness hanging over it. It may never again reach its full potential if the evil at work springs into full fruition. What adventurers will set out head first into the darkness, and conquer whatever is waiting in the unknown world?

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Campaign Index

This Campaign Index will consist of the logs of all of our adventures through the world of Celysion. Each episode will have a summary of our sessions, a list of loot from that session, and a break down of experience points.

Heroic Tier:

Episode 1 – The Kobold Problem
Episode 2 – Dragon Worship
Episode 3 – The City of Daemar
Episode 4 – The Bael Turath Ritual Room
Episode 5 – Dust and Flesh
Episode 6 – Spies and Trysts
Episode 7 – Sanctum of the Bela’Thim
Episode 8 – Into the Swamps
Episode 9 – The Koy’luka
Episode 10 – At the Well of Melora


Episode 11 – Into the Belly of the um er temple
Episode 12 – Lizards and Gnolls and Waterfalls, Oh My!
Episode 13 – Going After the Corrupted Stone
Episode 14 – Further into the Ziggurat
Episode 15 – Demons and the Vanishing of the Swordmage
Episode 16 – Finding The First Heart of Tharizdun

The Tiefling Priestess

Episode 17 – Sensual Notions of a Broken Mind
Episode 18 – The Monk’s Sacrifice
Episode 19 – Almost There
Episode 20 – The Escape and the Journey Onward
Episode 21 – Conversion of Greenwater
Episode 22 – The Fall of the Dwarf
Episode 23 – The Return Journey
Episode 24 – Exousia
Episode 25 – Tiefling Treason
Episode 26 – War Within the Walls
Episode 27 – War of Expansion
Episode 28 – The Island of Beckoning
Episode 30 – A Small Resolve

Paragon Tier:

Episode 31 – The Paragons

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